Things to Consider Before Getting a 3D Printer

Posted by Narina on June 3rd, 2019


3D printer progress


So you are planning to get a 3D printer but you’re not quite sure which to get among the dozen available? Of course, every printer has its perks and shortcomings. If you’re simply interested to get one for domestic uses or for you hobbies, it’s not necessarily the most practical thing to do to just jump at the cheapest 3D printer that you find in the web. To be able to maximize your purchase, remember that 3D printers are created at different standards for different purposes and are only appropriate in certain conditions.

Before buying one, you may want to think about the following considerations

It is not really the printer itself at the material that you should consider when you have perhaps decided on what you want to use the machine for. Remember that certain printers are only limited for particular materials. Standard materials are plastics, like ABS but there are also biodegradable materials like PLA which is made of corn.
Many people, upon getting their printer, complain about the fumes that the materials make. ABS, for instance, produces this burning smell and is definitely inappropriate for closed areas. PLA also produces fumes although the smell can be more pleasing, much like popcorn. Also consider health issues tied to each material and follow safety precautions provided by the manufacturers. Most users opt to work in an open space or properly ventilated areas to avoid health hazards as the fumes from the materials can cause dizziness.
Many people also complain about the price of the filaments. Costs of materials range from - per kilogram and could last for 2-3 months but could last to 6 months without vigorous use. There are, however, cheaper options like the Lyman Extruder filament which costs only - per kilogram of recycled ABS pellets. If the quality of the material matters to you, however, you may have second thoughts about subscribing to these cheaper options.
When you finally have a 3D printer in would hurt to do some research in giving it proper care. It is still a machine run by electricity, and common sense dictates that when you are not using an electric appliance, unplug it from the socket, please. Of course, we have to point out that relatively more costly products can be more reliable and durable than the others. Also, it is advisable not to leave your machine for long periods while it is operating to avoid complications.
There is a wide variety of 3D printers to choose from and one manufacturer would claim to be better than the other. Therefore, you should take it as your responsibility to find out which one is actually the best for you. I bought Anet a8 from anet brand a few months ago for my 17 years old son, From this shop and his happy with it Most people neglect issues on materials and filaments, or the required conditions for having a 3D printer, and face these problems only when they can’t turn back buy the more efficient one.

What are the Different Kinds of 3D Printing

A couple of years ago, technology wasn’t as advanced as allowing us to recreate something out of a computer, except for documents. We were able to print out pictures, but that was as close as we were to print out something from the computer. People back then weren’t aware that the 3D printer was already created by the year 1986 and this printing technology was slowly developed by a handful of geniuses as the years progressed. Today, we are now looking at the different kinds of 3D printers that are commercially available.
3D printing is also referred to as Additive Manufacturing or Fabrication. The name refers to the process wherein an object is replicated from CAD digital data and sliced into thousands of thin layers and printed layer by layer until the object is complete. The different kinds of printing technology have different approaches on how to replicate digital data and transform them into a physical output.

1.) 3D Printing is not really the exact name, but it follows the concept of an object is made using inkjet technology in 3 dimensions. It is the close cousin of 2D printing, but these printers work by layering powder substrate and bound by pigmented glue. This is the only technology which creates colored 3Dprintouts.

2.) FDM or Fused Deposition Modeling creates 3D models by heating plastic materials. The plastic filament or metal wire used is then unwound using an extrusion nozzle, which is then heated to melt the material. The nozzle can be controlled by a numerically controlled mechanism. The model is produced by the protruding small beads of thermoplastic material to form the layers and immediately hardens after being excreted by the nozzle. This is one of the cheapest forms of 3D printing, with systems priced at around ,000. This technology is used for prototyping, modeling, and production applications.

3.) Stereolithography is able to produce models by making use of UV light traced over a photosensitive pool of liquid. The part is lowered into a bath until the final product is formed. Once the tracing is done, the part is lifted out of the photopolymer solution for the finishing touches. Unlike traditional finishes like sandblasting or breaking off supports, the photopolymer solution protects the integrity of every tiny part. This 3D printing technology provides users with models having accurate details.
These 3D printing technologies and many more have allowed people from different industries to make it work for them. Industries like the medical equipment and prosthetics, automobile, and even art are finding some form of purpose for these printers.


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