Using Direct Mail to Market a Home-Based Business

Posted by Susan California on June 3rd, 2019


Direct mail is direct mail advertising. Its main feature is the focus on a specific sale. There is a clear recipient, there is a clear proposal. Buy exactly this right now. Initially, direct-mail originated in the United States and gradually this type of advertising has spread throughout the world.

With the advent of e-mail and e-mail marketing (according to some experts), the effectiveness of direct mail has fallen. But I would not put a “cross” on the fact that it still works in capable hands.E-mail marketing is also far from ideal if we consider the spam nature and low average percentage of opening letters (5-15%).

So, meet the advantages of direct-mail for small business:

Clarity of the target audience -As a rule, direct mail advertising is sent to a specific list of recipients, and not all in a row. The author of the mailing itself forms the base of recipients, guided by certain criteria. The most striking modern example is the supermarket chain, which sends customers a separately printed magazine with special offers of the week. From the mailing house surrey, you can expect the best service in this case.

In view of the fact that you yourself control the list of recipients are you know how each of them is called. It helps to contact the potential buyer personally, by name. Moreover, in direct-mail, confidentiality is often played up, which only improves the degree of personalization.

Lack of an alternative - If you compare direct-mail with newspaper advertising, where one ad and message competes with dozens (or even hundreds) of competitors, then in the direct mail advertising the reader will get acquainted with one particular proposal on which he makes a decision.

There are no editorial restrictions —When placing advertisements on third-party media, you always have to follow some internal rules or restrictions, either the word volume, the size of the advertisement itself, etc. In direct mail, you are your own editor and decide for yourself what content and volume your advertisement will be.

Ability to use different materials - In direct-mail you can immediately use several formats of printed advertising products - a catalog, brochure, discount coupon, invitation, etc.

Accessibility to creativity - When you are your own editor, you can completely give free rein to your creative ideas, without fearing that someone might “kill” them.

No queues - Not always the desired advertising space (especially advanced) in the right carrier at the right time is free. You have to either wait or look for a worthy analog. With direct mail, such inconvenience does not exist.

Convenient testing - Due to the fact that you are your own editor and director, this gives you the opportunity to conduct independent testing for the benefit of increasing the effectiveness of the entire campaign, when you can divide the target audience into specific groups on the list, when you can identify the most convenient distribution time and etc.

Monitoring the timing - You do not adhere to the terms that are imposed on you by analog advertising media with reference to specific days of the week or depending on the specific frequency. You send the ads yourself when you want, up to a specific date.

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