Runefest confirms October! RuneScape Annual Community Celebration is now selling

Posted by xiayumin on June 4th, 2019

RuneFest 2019 will host an entertaining evening for players from all over the world. The Golden Gnome Award, the annual celebration of the franchise's prestigious community awards ceremony will be held on Friday night, Jagex promises players, the next day will be filled with games, role-playing, friendship, in-depth developer panel, you not only You can relax yourself here, or you can find friends with common topics. Don't you expect it? Exclusive offers and the latest news from RuneScape and Old School RuneScape players.

About how to get tickets - A limited number of early bird tickets are available through the RuneFest official website. The Golden Gnome Awards and the "Night Before Party" on Friday, October 4th and the RuneFest 2019 on the second day are available for each ticket. For a two-day spectacular scene, you can also watch it in RS Gold your comfortable home. The theme of the ninth RuneFest will be announced in the coming weeks. There are already many players who have expressed their expectations.

Josh Winward, head of Jagex's event, said: "There is no better way to connect with the expanding RuneScape community than to bring people together and create some legendary memories on the web or online. This also provides our community with A great opportunity to shine from the spotlight! The opportunity is very rare, I hope players can enjoy this wonderful experience."

About Old School RuneScape The 2013 Old School RuneScape will be the industry's leading collaboration between players and developers. Embracing its nostalgic tradition, a large number of active players control the direction of the game through the voting system in the game. Joining the voting process allows more players to participate, which is conducive to RuneScape Gold the development of the game. Old School RuneScape attracts every brave adventurer. Since 2016, Old School RuneScape has established a competitive game that uses the seasonal free Deadman Invitational and winners will receive cash awards and membership. So this game has today's achievements, and their game plan is closely linked.

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