Maplestory M Mesos Drive Guide: How to quickly prepare hard dungeons

Posted by xiayumin on June 5th, 2019

In MapleStory 2, when they reach level 50, high-level player scoring tends to be a difficult task. When you want to be successful in the underground city, you know that the above description is true. Therefore, remind the player that you should be patient when playing the game, which is the key to the success of playing this game. So the higher the level of challenge, the more time you have to spend. But I believe that players who really love this game won't care, they can be happy.

Hard dungeons are harder than regular dungeons because they have some settings and players can't reproduce without limit. This makes it easy for Buy Maplestory M Mesos players to start over and need to complete it in a certain amount of time. Fortunately, we can give you some tips here, these tips may help you.

Whether you want to avoid it or not, you must reach level 50 before you can start your long journey. First, the equipment you will get in these missions will lead you through the 50-level experience, and you must be prepared to polish in the normal dungeon. Second, you can also do some exploration tasks and branch tasks, but those usually take more time to complete. So these require the players to consider.

Understand the difference between normal dungeons and hard dungeons
A normal dungeon usually drops the blue part, and completing the dungeon ensures that it can be equipped with armor.
Hard dungeons provide you with epic gear almost every time, but many of them are character items, which means you can't collect them completely! But you can also complete your mission with sales equipment, but it's not very easy.

Get a fighting pet
There are a variety of pets in MapleStory 2, so you can help your battle by tame your pet. It is vital to have pets. When you have pets, you can not only get one-third of their combat ability but also have their corresponding attributes. Their appearance will better solve your difficulties. However, you can't own a pet right away!
Probably the content is like this. I hope my skills can help you, so follow these tips and become a professional player.

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