5 Reasons To Drink Thailand Coffee And Its Types

Posted by TheExoticBean on June 5th, 2019

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Do you love to drink coffee?  Either a light, moderate or hard coffee drinker, you must ask yourself which kind of coffee you are drinking? In this way, you can develop your choices over different coffee and find the best suitable coffee for you as per the taste, health benefits, and preference. Trying out different coffees will help you in getting the right taste for yourself. If you are in a search to find different countries and regions coffees, then try Thailand coffee to get the real aroma, hot, strong, dark, and healthy drink for you. 

Now, the thing is why you should intake Thailand coffee in your regular beverages course. This is because it has various health benefits as other coffee like it boosts the mind and active the person and protects the heart. Other than these reasons there are 5 more reasons, which state why one should drink a Thailand coffee.


The ultimate flavor of Thailand coffee will let you drink it more and more every day. When it serves hot to the cup, the aroma comes out of it is breathtaking. The aroma of the coffee spreads into the atmosphere, and then the coffee lovers can judge the differences. In case you are a coffee lover, and you are interested in tasting different cups and flavours try Thailand beans coffee, and you would love it. 


Thailand coffee is strong enough, which develops the taste of the coffee drinkers and most of the light coffee drinkers may also become moderate and hard coffee drinkers when they take Thailand coffee. Most of the people like the strong taste of coffee and develop their taste buds addict of such coffee as it keeps the mind active. People who work for late hours in the night consider drinking coffee to ignore sleep.


The dark color of coffee gives more natural flavor to the cup, and the coffee drinkers enjoy it. Dark coffee is good for health, makes you intelligent, improves cardiovascular health, reduce diabetes risk, lower risk of cancer, makes you happy, protect from gout due to the low insulin and uric acid in the body. People who already have gout can feel relieved from its symptoms by drinking dark coffee.


A person can attain good health with the regular in taking of coffee. It can be in the form of reduced diabetes, and no effect of severe diseases on people.

Natural bitterness:

The natural bitterness of coffee tastes good for the people who love the original taste of the coffee.  After heating the coffee with the milk, the flavor and aroma come out. The aroma, taste, flavor, and color of coffee attract people more and insist them to increase one more cup to their beverages diet daily.

Two major types of Thailand coffee are as follows:

Peaberry coffee:

Peaberry coffee includes 100% Arabica beans. This is the reasons that peaberry coffee is called as rare and exotic coffee. A medium or large cup of coffee can be made with this peaberry coffee beans with the chocolate, honeysuckle, and citrus aroma in it.

Thai Iced coffee:

Thai iced coffee is useful to drink on the hot and humid day to feel cool and fresh. Oliang is another name for Thai iced coffee. This drink can be used for multi purposes and includes ingredients like sesame seeds, cardamom seeds, corns, soybeans, or rice, etc.  It is generally sweet to avoid the bitterness of it. Hence, people who love to drink sweet drinks on a hot or humid day.

Do you own a coffee shop?

If you own a coffee shop, then purchase wholesale coffee beans and grow your business. Buy only quality coffee beans and mention the features in our menu card. It will increase your value in the market being a coffee shop owner. Other than this you should also sale some special pieces of bread and cakes with coffee to give a proper pack to the customers.



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