Love Behind the Short Love Quotes

Posted by James Crown on June 5th, 2019

Love can surely be expressed in many ways. Through simple "I love you" and even through short love quotes. Believe it or not the word, if any one of us is asked what is the "love" is the most difficult word to explain. We often explain the word "love" based on our faith and belief and often times we relate it to the person we love. 

Love quotes are surely all over us. We can find them through books, novels and of course, our ever dear internet. Some of us may look for these quotes to attract people into our social network site just like Facebook, and some even use these quotes to pass on to love ones. However, what is really the story behind these love quotes that entices us all? 

One of the most prominent poets, Elizabeth Browning, once said that "Love does not make the world go round; it makes the whole ride worthwhile." Though we might have different interpretations of what Elizabeth just said love is surely one enjoyable feeling that everyone needs and makes our life here in earth more worthwhile. 

Love in Relationships 

Through love, we can conquer hardships and trials that we go through. Love is even the greatest healing therapy that exists according to one of the quotes of Hubert Humphrey. Though some people may say that love hurts and gives us pain but love is not about always experiencing happiness, it is about building yourself as a better person for the people we love. Through those simple two or three sentenced love quotes we share, we inspire people to be strong in many hardships and trials. 

Love of God 

Love quotes are not all about relationships for the most important love of all is the Love of God. With the Love of God that He has showered upon us, we can do all things. According to the scriptures "the greatest love that you can show is to give your life to your friends." This is what Jesus Christ has done for us in order for us to be saved. Love is surely one amazing thing that God has given to us for free that we can express to other people and even through our faith in Him. The best part is, our God has thousands of promises that He has graced upon us that is why we can surely count on Him. 

As you can see, love quotes are not all about relationships and dedicated to it. Love quotes too can be expressed through the Love of God that He has graciously given. Nonetheless, whether you search for love quotes for your love one or just to inspire you and fire up your faith, we should always remember that love will always carry us through hardships.

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