Forming Method For High Temperature Resistant Pet Bottle Preform

Posted by preform nicole on June 6th, 2019

What is the molding method for high temperature Pet Bottle Preform?

(1) One-time stretch blow molding. The stretch blow mold is heated to 100-180 ° C, and then the reheated parison is placed in a stretch blow mold, and subjected to one stretch blow molding, and adhered for several seconds or more than ten seconds, so that the product is crystallized and dried. mold. The one-shot stretch blow molding method has the following characteristics:

1The equipment layout is simple, the floor space is small, and the heating equipment and cooling container of the stretch blow mold can be added to the original molding equipment (the number of cooling containers can be determined according to the production status), and the PET bottle can be finished. Warm disposal.

2 Directly heat on the mold, heat treatment, and the heat loss is small.

3 The one-time stretch blow molding method uses a low treatment temperature and a low degree of crystallization of the product, and the acceptable hot filling temperature is lower than that of the secondary stretch blow molding.

4 Although it is a one-time stretch blow molding and heating treatment, the product still needs to be cooled and disposed, and the total molding time is extended.

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