Visit a Bar in a Luxury Hotel for a Unique Drinking Experience

Posted by Roseatehouse on June 6th, 2019

Luxury hotels provide various facilities and features to ensure guests have a nice stay. Along with excellent accommodation features, such hotels also have great dining and drinking facilities. And it’s not only travellers from other cities who are hosted at these hotels who enjoy the dining and bar facilities here but also people staying in the same city who do so. The excellent features of the bars here make drinking a whole new experience. Some of these hotels provide bars in an old school setting to up the experience several notches higher. A retro bar in Delhi or one in Kolkata or any other city when present within the premises of a luxury hotel, gives one a wonderful and enjoyable time drinking and spending quality time with friends, colleagues or family.

Here are some reasons why such bars in luxury hotels make one’s drinking experience a very good and pleasant one.

  •  Ambience: Retro bars offer a wonderful ambience for people to drink in. There is a feeling of relaxedness and comfort that few other settings can offer. Luxury hotels take this feeling to an entirely new level. They provide their bars with ambiences which are appropriately furnished to set the mood for drinking in an old school environment. They may be constructed with solid timber and brass and have an antique-like statue in the middle of the bar, for instance, to give the bar a nice retro feel. One could have a pleasant evening after work with colleagues or a nice chitchat session with friends here.
  •  A host of drinks: Bars in luxury hotels offer a range of spirits, wines, cocktails and much more to suit the likes and preferences of everyone who visits here. These are the finest of drinks which suit every mood and every taste. Such versatile bar menus provide guests with a contented, rich and pleasurable experience that makes them want to come back to these places over and over again.
  •  Appetizers: Some of these retro bars provide a tastefully chosen menu of delicious appetizers specially prepared to please one’s palate as they savor their favorite drinks here. Chefs specially choose these dishes to go with the drinks so that visitors may have a wholly nice experience at these bars.
  •  Comfortable seating: Bars at these luxury hotels have comfortable seating arrangements and bar stools so that guests can enjoy their drinks for long periods of time here. The bars are spacious and the furniture tastefully and strategically arranged keeping the comfort of the guests in mind. Thus, these bars allow people to have a relaxed and comfortable time enjoying the drinks they like.
  •  Security: A major reason why drinking at bars in luxury hotels gives one a good experience is security that is often not available in a regular bar setting. Since these bars are located within the hotel premises, they are secure and guarded by hotel security. There is controlled access to the hotel premises which ensures unpleasant events do not take place and decent crowds and not drunken miscreants are found in the bar area.

Thus if you want to go to a retro bar in Delhi or a modern bar in Mumbai, make sure you visit one in a luxury hotel to avail all the mentioned benefits.

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