How Often Nitrogen Desiccator Cabinets Need To Be Inspected

Posted by CleaTech LLC on June 6th, 2019

The inspection of lab instruments and equipments in a timely manner, and in a regulated way is the best you can do to keep the lab environment workable and perfect. There are some places of work, where the environment and condition of machinery is the most important. If these places of work are not okay and perfect, then you would be facing trouble. A cleanroom or laboratory is one such place. If you cannot maintain your cleanroom the right way, then all the work that depends on the hygiene, cleanliness and other atmospheric conditions, temperature and humidity settings in the room, and in the equipments used there, may fail or give erroneous results. Hence timely checking of all equipments is a must. And the desiccator is one such important equipment, which must be checked at intervals for proper working condition and operations.

Nitrogen desiccator cabinets need inspection

Nitrogen desiccator cabinet specially need pampering and care for their high importance in keeping items safe and moisture free inside the storage. Here, it’s important to specify the immense importance and use of these desiccator units. They are storage boxes, which are specially equipped to get inlet of nitrogen and have an outlet valve to let out the gas too. The unit can be purged with nitrogen gas to push out any moisture laden contaminated air out of the unit. This way contaminated air goes out and inert nitrogen replaces it. And then the nitrogen can again be replaced with fresh supply after some time, in similar manner.

The outlet valve acts as the exit way for any air or old nitrogen in the cabinet. The shelves in the cabinet are generally removable and also perforated. Perforation help nitrogen reach every corner of the cabinet while shelves can be removed completely to scrape off any thing adhering to them and clean them off well.

Therefore, the most important things in a Nitrogen desiccator cabinet, which needs checking are as follows:

  • The inlet for nitrogen
  • The outlet valve
  • The shelves
  • The joints and welding which must be checked for weakening of joints with time, as they may react with chemicals etc.
  • The ESD coating inside the cabinet which prevents electrostatic charge and fie.

When there are so many things to be tested and checked for quality and strength in a desiccator, then you must get it checked every month by internal staffs, and get things checked by professionals every 6 months. If you adhere to this frequency of checking, then it would be great and you would be sure that your lab chemical and items stored in the nitrogen desiccator cabinets are also always great in condition.

Get professional help

For best results you need professional help. You need to contact one of the lab equipment testing services who would professionally check every point about the desiccator cabinet, and certify after testing it for the exact condition. They would also give you detailed report of its test reports and observation done through the testing process.

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