Get Rid Of Unsightly View Through Tree Stump Removal Service

Posted by gibbstreeservice on June 6th, 2019

Are you interested to improve the overall look of your yard with safe stump removal? Is it making a mess of your landscape? Therefore you want to remove unsightly stump do away with that eyesore by dependable stump grinding services and thus maintain the beauty of your yard. Based on your needs, there are services that can provide complete removal service for you or grind your stump down. The demanding tree stump removal conditions can be guided by experts. Regardless the size of your project, the staff makes sure that high-quality service is delivered to you every time. Try to turn your unwanted stumps into useful mulch!

Grinders for removal

An inexperienced operator using inferior grinding equipment should not take the risk. The operators of tree stump removal service are licensed and insured to take care of your unsafe and unsightly stumps and assist you from start to finish. Stump grinders are used to complete the process in a quick and safe manner. Even in the tightest places, the equipment grinds the stump to below the ground level, allowing you to replant a tree, lay sod or redesign your landscape. If you’ve stumps in a backyard, front, side or parking strip then contact for full stump grinding service.

Specific brand for effective removal

You can buy a can of stump remover or remove a stump by renting a power stump grinder. Most brands are made of powdered potassium nitrate, which speeds up the rotting process. You simply fill the holes with water after pouring the granules into drilled holes. The stump becomes pretty spongy after four to six weeks. Then you can break out the rotten wood with the help of an axe. While you continue with the process of remove tree stump keep the kids and pets away in safe distance.

Burning for wiping out

The manufacturers of stump remover suggest burning out what's left of the stump by pouring fuel oil or kerosene into the holes for complete labor-free removal. Wait until the liquid completely penetrates the wood which might take a few weeks too. Then drop a match stick into the holes to start the burning process. The stump will smolder for days, leaving a charcoal-filled hole. It's dangerous having a giant, smoldering ember all throughout your yard, so precautions must be taken. Remove all leaves from the vicinity before ignition and keep an eye on it, envelop the stump in chicken wire.

Finishing off job

The axe method can be used for finishing the job. Stump removers work only on seasoned and old stumps that have been dead for a year and not the freshly cut tree stumps. If you can wipe it out completely then the beauty of the landscape will be restored back.

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