How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles With The Use Of Ayurveda

Posted by abdrewphilips on June 6th, 2019

Dark circles are a perennial problem in most of us. To combat this issue, rather than adopting allopathic remedies you can stick to some basic Ayurveda home remedies in the following ways.

Kumkumadi Thaiam

This is one of the best Ayurvedic products in India.  Kumkuma is referred to as Saffron which is the main component of this oil. By the use of this oil you reduce the possibility of dark circles, acne and scars around your eyes or face. It cleans the skin and adds an element of radiance.

To apply take a couple of teaspoons of this oil and apply it on the affected area. Allow it to settle it for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Just continue with this process for a couple of weeks and you will witness a drastic improvement in your looks.

Mint leaves

Purchase some fresh mint leaves and then place them in a bowl. You can then add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Mint provides you with a cooling effect on your skin and reduces dark circles. You need to place the mint leaves on your eyes for a few seconds before you wipe them off quietly. This works out to be one of the best ayurvedic products in India to remove dark circles.

Tea bags

A combination of antioxidants and caffeine could work wonders to get rid of dark circles and the puffiness beneath your eyes is shrunk when you shrink the blood vessels by reducing blood retention. The presence of tannin goes on to reduce swelling along with tanning. For your dark circles this works out to be one of the best forms of treatment.

Coconut oil

Massaging with coconut oil is another effective home remedy to get rid of dark circles. This oil has moisturizing quality promoting smooth skin and prevents formation of wrinkles below your eyes. Another proven method of treating dark circles under your eyes.


Grate a couple of raw potatoes to take out the juice. Then in the juice immerse a cotton ball in this juice and on your closed eyes place it. Figure out that the juice covers your eyes along with your eyelids. You need to allow the juice to settle for 10 to 15 minutes. With cool water wash your eyelids. This works out to be the best Ayurvedic form of treatment for your dark circles.


Is extremely beneficial to get rid of dark circles because of its cooling effects.  You need to slice the cucumber and place it straight above your eyes. Allow them to settle for 15 minutes and this remedy has to be repeated every night before you head to bed. It is going to provide you with a soothing feeling and reduce the formation of dark circles the main reason why cucumber slices are important is because dark circles mainly arise due to stress.

To conclude the above are the best Ayurveda remedies for treatment of dark circles.

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