7 ways to lose weight the right way

Posted by Akanksha Nair on June 7th, 2019

You have decided to lose weight and get fitter and healthier? However, the information online could confuse you. Type out how to lose weight and you will find several advices along with stats. You may feel, ‘where to begin from?’

Starting a new fitness and health regime can be a daunting process. So, here are some weight loss tips, ensuring you start and end it successfully. Remember, it does not involve any specific weight loss diet plan. All it requires is efforts from your end:

1)      Establish reasons: You also take up something with an objective in mind. Nevertheless, those who wish to lose weight comfortably forget why this journey was important. This results in demotivation and thereby disables you to reach your goals. Write down the reasons and stick them somewhere. It serves as a powerful motivation. It is a constant reminder on why you took up this process. The reasons are multiple from getting more energy to fitting into clothes to a wedding.

2)      Plan and prepare: When you start the weight loss process, planning and preparation is a must. Understanding what you are doing and when you are doing is one the ingredients to success. If you are following a specific weight loss diet plan, know the recipes you need to prepare for the week, get the shopping list together. Having the right food items at the right time.

3)      Avoid temptations: You how to lose weight journey is by establishing sustainable and healthy habits. A healthy life is a happy life. It is all about how to enjoy food in moderation. However, you have to get rid of all food related temptations to start in the perfect way. Clear the junk from your pantry and fridge. Replace them with healthier alternatives. This keeps you on track.

4)      Track emotions: Weight loss is not all about exercise and eating well. Emotional eating is one of the primary reasons why people cannot achieve their weight loss goals. You start with diary tracking of what you eat, how you feel, and when you get tempted to eat. Recognising, accepting, and working through the emotions will help you stay on the road to success. If you want to practice mindful eating, reach out to a loved one, nutritionist, or health coach.

5)      Drink water: An effective and simple way to get started is swapping all your drinks with water. People often fail to lose weight because they consume calories. Soda and juices are loaded with sugar. Simply swapping them with water makes a huge difference to your waistline.

6)      Get active: Move around as much as possible. Instead of taking the elevator, climb the stairs. Whenever you can, cycle to work instead of taking the car. Get active in your daily life. This way you can reach your goals faster without even realising.

7)      Enjoy the process: Establishing a healthy lifestyle is not adequate for weight loss. You should feel the procedure of how to lose weight. Taking extreme measure is critical to our health and body. Be more positive and you are likely to enjoy the weight loss process.

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