Beginners Best Tips To Play Like A Pro By Eminent Golfer Emmanuel Rubio

Posted by Emmanuel Rubio on June 7th, 2019

Since ages, golf has been recognized as the businessman’s favorite sports. However, the prospects are changing and more people are taking interest in this game that requires lots of patience and concentration. Emmanuel Rubio is one of the renowned names in golf as he is playing this game for 15 years with success. This jolly good fellow is very popular for his sporting spirits also. For every good shot of his competitors, Emmanuel Rubio claps cheerfully to encourage. According to his words; “The more challenges you will receive, the more improvement you can have in your skill”.

He also wants new people to join this game. According to Emmanuel Rubio, Empresario is dominating the field for now, but it will be good for the game when more enthusiastic players will take interest in golf. To encourage new players to the golf course, he discussed some important tips.

  1. Dead Aiming: Take the position by maintaining the alignment of the knees, feet, hips, shoulders along with club face. Otherwise, the ball will swing and go another side due to poor posture. For Emmanuel Rubio, it is very important to check the alignment in every practice session till the last match of the life.
  2. Solid Stance: The secret of any successful golfer lies in the stance. You need to take a wide, stable, solid and balanced.
  3. Take a look at the posture: Check the posture of the eminent golfers and find the best suitable for yours. According to Emmanuel Rubio, the best posture is tilting the hips, not the waist.
  4. Grip the club: When you are not playing, use that time to practice to hold the golf club properly. You have to keep trying until you will find the exact grip for it.
  5. Range Session: Before you head for the course, you have to learn the trade for the driving range. Try to start 30 minutes session that will have 50 balls that will have a double swing for each.
  6. Short Lofted Club: Emmanuel Rubio suggested not using the long club for practicing and instead of using the short and lofted club to gain better posture and better ball striking rate. When you see the ball is taking a nice high flight, the confidence level will be higher automatically.
  7. Don’t Use Driver Until Gaining Expertise: As per his opinion, it is better to avoid long club-like driver until the player is confidently hitting with the shorter club.    

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