Five Benefits of Easy-Open Packaging

Posted by hbfuller14 on June 7th, 2019

The different types of packaging can have a lasting impact on the consumer, who might avoid investing in products for those companies who use a traditional packaging method. Years of surveys have revealed that consumers experience frustration with difficult to open packages. But, companies with smart, sustainable and innovative packaging stand the best chance of providing optimal customer satisfaction. An easy to open package is beneficial for both manufacturers who deliver easy to open packages to consumers that can be unpacked with ease. These packaging products can also save manufactures turnaround time. Several developments and advancements in technology for the components of packaging, like flexible packaging adhesives, have been introduced to make packaging more effortless and frustration-free.

Products like paperboard, polymers, paper, and laminated envelopes, can be preferable for easy to open packaging materials which serve to benefit the manufacturing industries as well as consumers in multiples ways, as described below.

1- Limited material waste- In addition to blister packs, traditional packaging has used various types of fillers, like crumbled papers, air cushions, and packing peanuts. Despite some of these being recyclable, these fillers are often thrown away by consumers, which increases material waste. But now, manufacturers have begun saving money and space on packaging fillers.

2- Easy supply chain- Due to the reduction or elimination of packaging fillers, the size of the final package also decreases, which makes them easy to stack. This helps manufacturers who handle a long supply chain because of the small size, which allows shipping more items at once with stronger base support.

3- Frustration-free- Consumers find easy to open packaging frustration free and easily accessible without damaging the product inside. In addition to being easy to open, frustration-free packaging ensures the safety of the products while in transit and protects them from damage and secures items safely together.

4- Reduced material and assembly cost- With reduced package size and cost, manufacturers can enable decreased assembly and shipping costs. In easy to open packaging systems, the number of materials required for packaging can be reduced, which also decreases the need for associated assembly logistics. Moreover, shipping cost is also saved by lesser volume and weight packaging.

5- Less packing and unpacking time- Easy to open packaging avoids using tapes and gums, thus making it easy for consumers to open and handle with care. A rectangle shaped package is considered ideal for ease of opening. Box packages saves manufacturers time by making the assembling process and the moving of packages easy to perform.

Consumers should note that easy open packaging impacts packaging material, cost, and the environment. It not only lessens the effort packaging takes but also saves time, which can be scarce in the manufacturing industry. By choosing a frustration-free packing process, reducing the material waste is a feature that allows businesses to demonstrate their dedication towards the environment.

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