Do These Things When Your Customers Fail To Receive Their Order on Time

Posted by Tom Clark on June 7th, 2019

Understanding the needs of your customers is crucial to the success of your business. You want to find a way to know what they want and identify the areas of concern. No company is perfect, but it is possible to improve. By understanding what your customers need, you can quickly implement changes in your business. These are some ways to help you know what aspects of the company your customers like and which of them require improvement.

Conduct an online survey

Since your transactions are online, you can conduct an online survey to ask people about how they feel. It could be on the nature of how they order the products. It could also be on the quality of the products or their cost. You will know how they feel about them with appropriate questions. Analyse the data and use it to improve the next time. However, you need to establish a mechanism to ensure that only real customers can answer the survey forms. You also need to take the results with a grain of salt since they might not reflect how they really feel. Some of them might not even want to respond to a survey at all.

Open a focus group discussion 

Some people are willing to sit for hours if you want to talk to them in detail. However, you might have to pay them in cash or kind. The goal is to not only to receive a summary of their opinions but to delve deep into them. You can ask specific questions during the discussion and allow the participants to explain. Companies usually do this strategy since they want to know how real people feel. They might be previous customers or those who are within the demographic group of target customers.

Respond to private messages 

Some people are willing to offer more details about their opinion on your products and services but in private. They might send an email or a private message on social media. Try your best to respond to them and make them feel that you care. Usually, they will raise concerns about their experience in buying the products or how they felt when trying what you offer. It is crucial that you answer these messages and not shrug them off.

Collect common comments in social media

Some people do not hesitate to express their opinions publicly. They will post comments via Facebook. Others will even rant about their experience. Although you do not want anything negative in public, you need to appreciate the honesty. You can use it to improve what you offer. If they are angry enough to spit things out for everyone to see, and they used their real accounts for doing so, it means that those issues need immediate responses.

One of the most pressing problems customers face when purchasing items online is delayed delivery. They hate it if they are unable to receive what they ordered on time or within the promised timeframe. If this is the case, you need to evaluate the company you partnered with for packing and delivery. You can consider since they offer quick and quality services.

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