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It is no longer news that videos are an integral part of digital marketing in stimulating the growth of businesses. The right video usage in a marketing campaign attracts a targeted audience, keeps them entertained and educated, and compels them to take the desired action. It is an effective way to relay a brand's message across to the audience. It is not video that will help market your business. Here are six types of videos that will enable you to grow your business. Website Design Los Angeles

Product Description Video

This type of video bares to light what the product and services of a company are all about. It shows the audience how the products can be of great use to them. A targeted audience will have questions regarding the products you have to offer and the product video will help to enlighten and clarify them. The video should be between 3-4 minutes of length and can be posted to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram or at the product section of your website.

Testimonial Videos

Consumers trust online reviews/testimonials as much as a recommendation from a friend or family. Testimonial videos are used to show how products have helped previous customers. It is one thing to talk about your products and it is another for other people to talk about it. Based on a study conducted by Vendasta, 68% of buyers say positive reviews make them rely more on a business. You can get your clientele to share information on how they have benefited from your products with others.

FAQ Videos

This video answers the most common questions your targeted audience will have for your products. FAQ videos should have a length of 30-40s to make it engaging and practical. This will enable your audience to have a better understanding of your product.

Event Videos

Promotion of upcoming events of your company on social Medias is a great way to create and fortify your relationship with your audience. A live event video increases brand favorability up to 63%. You can create a minute in length of your business event and upload to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos display to the audience the objectives of the company. It is equivalent to the 'About Us’ page of your website. It educates the audience to learn and value the objectives of the company. This, in the long run, enables you to create trust with your audience.

Commercial Videos

A commercial video is an effective and veritable means to market your brand. Videos discussing your brand can be created and uploaded to YouTube or Facebook. This video should be 30 seconds to 1 minute in length and have a call-to-action at the end to prompt your audience to take the desired action. Web Design Los Angeles California

Videos make a powerful impact on the growth of businesses. It will be doing a great disservice to the growth of your business if you ignore the use of videos in the digital marketing. You can use any or all of the video types above that will suit your business. Contact us today at webVDEO to help create an excellent marketing video for your business. We guarantee you excellent services.

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