Learn how to take lipstick stain off your clothes?

Posted by markwahlbargg on June 8th, 2019

Anyone who wears lipstick knows that it's not cool when you're putting on makeup and unintentionally puts the lipstick on your favourite blouse. Or she decides to change her dress, forget that she already had lipstick and stains her clothes. These two situations are very common in the day to day of those who run in order to go to work or go to a party. But calm down. There are tricks from New York laundry to understanding how to get lipstick stain off your clothes.

How to take a lipstick stain?

Step 1 - The sooner you remove the stain, the greater the chances of you recovering the tissue completely. Therefore, as soon as you notice that you have soiled your clothes, take a paper towel or a clean, dry cloth and remove the excess without rubbing. Only to absorb the maximum of the possible product.

Step 2 - Next, take a dishwashing detergent, which is transparent or white, and pass in the area with lipstick. Soak a little with water and rub gently so the stain does not spread further through the fabric. Rinse and see if the stain has been removed.

Step 3 - If the problem has not been solved with the above procedures, take a dry cloth and alcohol. Put some of the solutions in the lid. Then place the cloth behind the stain and pour the alcohol slowly so that the solution passes into the other tissue. Scrub lightly until the stain leaves.

Step 4 - If the stain still remains, you can make a mixture that takes soap powder and a little water. Then leave this mixture under the fabric for a few minutes. Then place the garment soaked in warm water.

White cloth:

Lipstick is a product that has in its composition oil, wax and pigments. This, at times, makes removal of the tissue more difficult. In the case of white clothing, it is still possible to try to remove it with bread crumbs if the stain is recent.

Delicate fabrics:

In cases of more delicate fabrics, such as linen, silk and suede, care must be taken not to ruin the piece. It is recommended to use products for dry cleaning to remove stains and then wash your hand. If you did not want to risk losing your light clothing to a professional New York laundry. Now that you've learned how to get a lipstick stain, you can test the techniques.

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