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Posted by evisaindian12 on June 8th, 2019

Traveling to India can be a tricky business. Because the procedure of getting required visas is lengthy, and securing them on the same day can be a tough affair. Same day Indian visa can be a hurdle to obtain unless and until you have some genuine reason. But then based on the country that you reside, the visa obtaining process might differ and get them on the same day might be feasible. But then applying for the same day Indian visa might be the same as applying for normal ones. Thus, how can one apply for a fast track Indian visa? Let's take a look.

  •     Identification of the type visa.

If you are looking for fast track Indian visas, then there are several options where you might have to identify your purpose of visit to India. Thus, below is the list of the type of visas that the Indian government has to offer.

  1.     Business visa – if your planning to carry out your business in India, then this type of visa come in handy. Yes, securing might not seem to be the fastest options, but upon consideration, you could get them within a week.
  2.     Student visa – in case if you are on the urge of getting to be admitted to an educational institution, then these visas come in handy. Getting them on the same day might be difficult, but in 2-3 days, it seems feasible.
  3.     Medical visa – securing medical visas to India can set your application on the fast track Indian visa line such that obtaining your Indian visa on the same day is feasible and the duration of the stay can also be met based on your medical condition.
  4.     Other visas -there are different types of visas such as employment visa and tourist visa such that you could visit India as and when you wish. But in these categories, getting the same day Indian visa is highly impossible and would take 60-90 days to secure them.
  •     Reaching out to the right kind of service.

Before you think of obtaining your fast track Indian visa, you might want to explore the internet to search for a relevant website that might get you your visas on the same day. Yes, they might be expensive and could set you back hundreds of dollars. If obtaining your visa on the same day is of the highest priority and monetary issues aren't a big deal, then this is the best.

  •     Offline applications.

Traditional methods of applying for Indian visas can also get you your visas on the same day. But it's a highly complicated task, and you would need to produce various documentation and financial reports of why you would want the same day Indian visa. So, try to see what your options are and go for it.

Hence, getting your visas on the same day might be a monumental task, but it's not impossible. With the right kind of service and the right agent, you could get an Indian visa provided you have the reasons as to why you would want it. All the best.

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