What steps should you take to do SEO for your Business

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Search engine optimization is an online technique to optimize your website or business for search engines. This technique works on finding new keywords and creating backlinks for your website. SEO has two parts, where each with its own importance. The first is on-page optimization and the second is off-page optimization. On-Page Optimization works on your web site's layout, finding link errors in your website, analyzing your competitor's website, optimizing your website's content, images and title, creating a sitemap which helps search engine to discover your website's pages, etc. The key role of off-page optimization is to create backlinks for a website. For this, it follows some features like Search Engine Submission, Directory Submission, Article Submission, Blog Posting, Business Listing, Forum Submission and Press Release, etc. 



It helps to find out words or phrases related to your business or website. Its main task is to find keywords that people are searching for and a lot of traffic comes from them. The more traffic you have on your business or website, the more benefit you get. For Example- Best SEO Service in Rajasthan.


With this help, it can be found that whether your website has HTML or CSS errors. With the help of this technique, you can also analyze where the problem is and how it can be solved. Such errors affect your website's layout and its loading speed.


A competitor is a person who offers a similar product or services like yours. With Competitive Analysis, you can find out which keywords your competitors are using, what kind of backlinks they have, etc. We can also analysis that competitor is better than us or not. If he is better than we can also see what kind of changes we should take to make yourself better.


A sitemap is a list of URLs. It contains all the web pages of a website. Sometimes Google's spider can not crawl all URLs in the website, for which a sitemap is used. It helps Google to discover all webpages which should be crawled. Link errors can also be solved with this.


In image optimization, it is seen whether the images posted on the website are working correctly or not, whether the image is according to the webpage or not, all the images have been given the alt tag or not. Search engine robots crawl only source code, so each image should have an alt tag.


Redirecting one page of the website to another page of the same website. 301 redirect is permanent, it transfers all backlinks and link juices on the previous page to the new redirect page.302 redirect is used for temporary redirection. In this process, backlinks and link juices are not transferred.


When we link a website's page to another page, this situation is called an internal link. When we link a website's page to another website's page, this situation is called an external link. Both links are used to rank the website.


There are three main types of meta tags - Title, Description, Keyword. Meta tags emphasize the optimization of these three. Every website should have titles and descriptions and meta-keywords according to its business profile. Meta Keywords is a group of keywords that we use for our website.


When we want to show any other information than the Title and Description on Google or any Search Engine, we use Schema. According to Business, there are different types of Schema. Generally, Schema is added to the search engine to see that it is beneficial for your business or not.


Robots.txt is a text file to instruct search engine robots to crawl pages on their website. It also helps the search engine to crawl Sitemap. In this, you can also choose a particular search engine to crawl your webpages. It is one of the main techniques of On-Page SEO.


Content optimization is the process of making sure content is written in a way that it can reach the target audience. According to this technique, your content should be unique, based on keywords, meaningful and informative and it also contains Anchor text or Hyperlink.


Alexa tells us that what is your website's rank in the country and world. Alexa Rank describes the popularity of our website, as well as it tells us how much your website's traffic is. It also tell us about your website's Bounce rate and Backlinks.


This is the process of crawling or indexing your new or old website on the search engine. Search Engine Submission helps in crawling and indexing and also shows the website's keyword and domain name on the search engine.


Social Bookmarking is a technique to submit your website on bookmarking websites. Its help to increase traffic, keyword ranking, page ranking, backlinks for your website. It is one of the major techniques of Off-page SEO which help to increase traffic, keyword ranking, page ranking, backlinks for your website.


Guest Posting is like Blog posting. The difference between them is that when we write a post on our website or third party blog site its called Blog Posting. When we write a post for other Person's Blog its called Guest Posting.


Web 2.0 Submission is an online marketing technique to write blog post and articles for the purpose of making backlinks. By this, we can share our keywords, content and website links with the high ranking Blogs and Websites.

These are one of the major techniques of SEO.

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