What is the process involved in getting laser tattoo removal?

Posted by David on June 9th, 2019

Laser tattoo removal is the most reliable and surest way of getting your tattoo removed, regardless of its color. The process of laser tattoo removal is very simple, and it is all about targeting the tattoo area with laser beams to break down the ink. Getting to know the process of laser tattoo removal beforehand is useful because it helps you to ease in the process. The following are the five easy steps to removing your tattoos by laser therapy.

1. The process of laser tattoo removal

Thousands of ink particles were deposited on the inner layers of your skin when you did the tattoo. Tattoos fade over time because the normal reaction of your body is to eradicate the ink. The large ink particles get shattered into many small pieces during the tattoo removal process so that it is easy for the body to eradicate them.

2. Targeting the ink molecules

The process of laser tattoo removal targets the ink particles only and not the skin tissue that surrounds it. The short and fast pulses of energy that get delivered at various wavelengths for different color help in removing the ink. After the ink gets broken down, the immune system works to remove them.

3. The need for multiple treatments

Complete removal of the tattoo usually needs multiple treatments because the ink gets layered into your skin. Each session for tattoo removal targets deeper layers of ink that were hidden previously due to the earlier layers. These repeated sessions make the tattoo fade gradually from your skin, and that is the reason why one session is not enough.

4. The time gap between two sessions

The laser tattoo removal sessions must get placed at least six to eight weeks apart to let the body do its job in the process of healing. The body will work to absorb and carry away the particles of ink. The time gap is important because it gives the maximum time for the tattoo to fade before you go for the next session.

5. The final session of tattoo removal

The tattoo is usually gone for good after eight sessions, regardless of How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost. You can see minimum discoloration depending on your skin tone. The success of your tattoo removal session also depends on how well you take care of it afterward.

In terms of taking care of the area after the process, make sure that you do not let it feel irritated or do not apply fragrant creams and lotions on it. Keep the area clean by all means and make sure that you cover it when you go out in the sun.

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