Project Management software as a mobile application.

Posted by Kim Grandwell Philips on June 9th, 2019

How do business managers use mobile phones

Ever thought of how managers use their mobile phone? Although most of us use phones for similar basic functions, business managers across the world are embracing the use of mobile phones in business management. Many businesses across the globe have routine activities for their managers, employees and even stakeholders. Come rain come shine, a manager must file certain reports, follow up on certain employees and even make some communication to their clients and stakeholders.  The best way to handle reports is to use the best project management software, which provides tools for reporting. Conventional use of mobile phone may include calls, emails and sometimes chat messaging. These functions are well known across the globe. Recent research shows that top level managers are now using mobile applications for full business management.

Using a mobile phone application that could replace the normal computer? Yes, starting with report preparations to response and escalation of issues within an organization, mobile applications have come to the rescue of managers. Imaging having to travel a far to make a certain report, inspect some work or even check on employees? This sounds like the normal routine of a business manager. Recently, companies specializing in business management systems have tried to shift the routine, from the manager to the employees. Managers are also interested in seeing analysis of their business. Richard Branson, CEO Virgin group, states that managers must have a “God eye view” or an elevated view of the business. Currently, staff management systems have been designed to give a detailed analysis of the business. With all these factors in mind, it is clear that having a good staff management application in the phones of managers and employees will improve the communication, thus improve staff engagement and productivity.

Using staff management system applications has been embraced in many companies. Here, managers will use their mobile phone to set tasks to their employees. In turn, the employees will see the specific tasks sent to them by their managers. Also, the employees will have attendance manager applications, which helps them to mark attendance when they get to their work station. As such, the manager is able to track the working of each employee, directly using their mobile phones. As such, managers will only look at the collective work done by each employee in their organization. This will mean that if each employee would concentrate on their work and complete it on time, then the work of the manager will be much simplified.

Here, the determinants of business success have been combined to numbers, which can help a manger make decisions at a glance. Here, it is important to know the kind of transactions that happen on daily basis, so that the set analytics can reflect the exact needs of the business. Also, the work of managers would shift from monitoring employees to improving employee productivity. If a mobile application would replace these needs of a manager, then that would ease the life and enable them to engage in more productive activities. The best way to make life easy for both employee and managers is to invest in the best hr app  which will then eliminate the need for manual inspections and tracking of reports.

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