Advantages of Dental Implants in Case of Tooth Problems

Posted by Didenta on June 10th, 2019

If we carefully compare the treatment with implants that then one can get the best treatment by zahnarzt Düsseldorf, we will realize that the former have greater advantages:

1. They Are Permanent and Durable

One of the main reasons why the vast majority of people choose implants by notfall zahnarzt is because they are a fixed solution to the loss of teeth.
That is, once placed, require the same care as natural teeth, do not interfere with daily routine and do not require to be removed to sleep, such as dentures.

2. They Are Very Natural

The naturalness offered by implants entails, in turn, two advantages. On the one hand, the crowns that are placed on the implant are very esthetical and allow obtaining infinity of tones, reason why they resemble the colour of the natural teeth. In this way, they do not differ from the rest of the dental pieces in the mouth.
On the other hand, implants by zahnarzt niederkassel allow the patient to have the same sensations when chewing, talking or smiling that he had with his natural teeth.
This, for example, does not happen with the classic removable prostheses. With these you can have mobility problems if they are not well adjusted, can cause discomfort in the gums and should be removed every night.

3. They Are Safe

The placement of implants is a minor surgery, which has a good postoperative period. In fact, 85% of patients who undergo this intervention can go to work the next day. In addition, it is estimated that, today, 98% of dental implants are inserted successfully.

Despite these data, there are many people who feel fear and anxiety when having to undergo this type of treatment. To provide greater relaxation to these patients, in our clinic we have a sedation service.

4. Do Not Cause Damage To Other Teeth

When we place an implant, the rest of the healthy teeth that are in the mouth remain intact. However, when what is placed is a bridge, it does compromise the state of the adjacent pieces, since it is necessary to carve them. This carving involves reducing its size.

In addition to this, it is important to note that the replacement of the lost tooth also prevents unwanted movements in the rest of the teeth in the mouth.
For this, we start from the basis that the teeth have a natural tendency to move and look for contacts between them.

That is, if there is an unoccupied space, the rest of the teeth will tend to tilt and move, losing the proper position within the arch.

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