Organic fertilizer powder production line

Posted by Fertilizer Granulator on June 10th, 2019

Fermentation method of organic fertilizer
High quality organic fertilizers must be fermented. Chicken manure, cow manure, duck manure and other animal manure were mixed with powder straw and mushroom residue, and high-efficiency bacteria were added. 
1. To adjust the C/N ratio, the C/N ratio of fermentation fertilizer should be kept at 25-30:1, and the acidity-basicity should be adjusted to 6-8 (ph).
2. In the process of adjusting water content and fermenting organic fertilizer, it is very important whether the water content is suitable or not. It should not be too high or too low. It should be kept between 50-60%. If the water content is too high, straw powder, wheat bran and straw can be added to neutralize the water content.
3. Fill in the fermentation tank. When the material is stacked in the fermentation tank, the height does not exceed 1.5m. Excessive high will affect the fermentation effect. Fermentation reactor should not be compacted, should maintain natural looseness, the bottom of the fermentation tank is buried with ventilation pipe.
4. Turning ventilation. Fermentation of organic fertilizer is aerobic fermentation, so oxygen supply measures should be increased in the fermentation process, and materials should be turned once a day with a compost turner machine.
5. Fermentation is completed. Generally, after 48 hours of piling up, the temperature will rise to 50-60°c. At this time, the first heap can be turned over. On the third day, it can reach 65°c. Under this high temperature, the material can be loosened further and thrown down once. Generally speaking, there will be 2 to 3 times of high temperature above 65°c in the fermentation process, which can complete the fermentation, deodorize the material thoroughly, ferment and decompose, sterilize and insect pests. The mark of the fermentation is that the material has completely lost the odor of feces, on the contrary, there is a slight aroma after bio-fermentation.
organic fertilizer powder production line 
Processing method of organic fertilizer powder production line
Loader Feeding Hopper: The forklift truck puts the fermented material into the loader feeding hopper, and the material is transported to the crusher for crushing.
Half-wet Material Crusher: The large pieces of impurities and stones in fermented organic fertilizer were separated and crushed to ensure the quality of the product.
Rotary Drum Screener: The large pieces of impurities and stones in fermented organic fertilizer were separated and crushed to ensure the quality of the product.
Packing Machine: Organic fertilizer powder production line does not need granulation processing, and directly packages and sells the selected fertilizers.
Small powdery organic fertilizer production equipment is relatively simple, more complex production line can purchase a series of granulation processing equipment including granulator, dryer and so on. As a manufacturer of organic fertilizer production equipment for many years, the price of our organic fertilizer production line is extremely advantageous and has been exported to many countries. We also provide more sophisticated organic fertilizer granulation production equipment, suitable for fertilizer production of a variety of organic fertilizers. Welcome to contact us.
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