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The Academy Awards have arrived, and what better time to dispatch my new arrangement, "Lou's Lessons from La-La-Land!" These posts are genuine "Tinseltown Tales" from my days in the excitement business in Hollywood, combined with viable tips for improving your web based marking and upgrading your promoting... Prepared to roll?...And, ACTION!

It's Oscar Time!

The Academy Awards resemble a religious occasion in L.A. A while ago when I was working at E! Excitement Television, the Oscars resembled Christmas and New Years and the Fourth of July all folded into one "super occasion."

When I worked in Los Angeles, the Oscars were as yet hung on a Monday, and I recollect individuals leaving work early or skipping work inside and out to prepare for their Oscar parties. This generally made the managers insane, however it didn't make a difference. No work would complete on this blessed day.

What made my managers at E! much increasingly insane, was the point at which I scored a couple pined for tickets to the Academy Awards! How could this new child from Boston figure out how to go to the most sweltering night in Hollywood? Indeed, even the fat cats at E! could once in a while go to the Oscars, since (at the time), you must be an individual from the Academy to get tickets. PHONE RENTALS PHOENIX   Of course, the correspondents were on the Red Carpet, yet us "regular citizens" could just dream about getting inside.

All things considered, my closest companion's auntie was an on-screen character and an Academy part, and she charitably sold me her two tickets. I needed to imagine that I was a dispatch getting her tickets, since the Academy didn't permit selling or moving tickets. That was just the first of the bands I'd need to hop through to pull this off...

Going to the Oscars requires a specific measure of arranging - notwithstanding for a person. There's tux rentals, limo rentals, choosing which after-gathering to visit - and, obviously, who might be the fortunate date! It would likewise be a costly date, to the tune of around 2 Grand when all was said and done!

When the enormous night arrived, I was all nerves. A fix of Pepto Bismol pursued by a dose of Jack Daniels as a chaser helped a bit. In any case, I felt like a fish out of water at the Oscars, generally in light of the fact that I was fundamentally "slamming" on another person's ticket. I settled that I'd simply need to accept the way things are and revel in the experience. When I "imagined" to be a star, I had an awesome time.

The feature was the Red Carpet. I kept my shades on certain individuals may in any event think I was a star. What's more, when you're making that entrance, you can't resist the urge to feel like a motion picture star. A couple of months sooner I had been working at a radio station in Boston. Presently I was blending in a group a couple of feet from Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson, Emma Thompson and Al Pacino... OMG, AL freakin' PACINO!

Obviously, Hollywood manners manages that you can't "spout" or act like some crazed fan. As an Academy Awards participant, you are an "insider" and must fill the role. Be cool. Grin. Rub elbows.

In the event that there's any showcasing exercise to draw from the Oscars, it's this: You are what you profess to be. Others have stated, "counterfeit it 'til you make it." No one at the entertainment expo realized that I was a "townie" from Boston who had as of late landed in Los Angeles. You gotta accept the way things are. Fill the role. Submerge yourself in the experience.

I'll see you on celebrity lane!

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