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Posted by xiayumin on June 11th, 2019

Today's free game action Path Of Exile has been constantly evolving. In addition to starting a new league every three months and new missions and challenge players, Grinding Gear Games also launched their long-awaited melee overhaul. The animation may be canceled and the action can be canceled in an instant. If you hold an attack button, your character will automatically switch targets. At the aesthetic level, players may receive a visual feast due to more diverse animations.

The new alliance (which can launch a brand new role) may be more straightforward than the previous full alliance. When you end your action, the Legion occasionally places a crystal obelisk on your path. By touching it, there will be mmoah a steady stream of soldiers attacking you, so you must freeze them even. By attacking these frozen warriors, once the timer is over, they will be brought back to your world, you can get extra XP and personalize your own battle.

If players play well in the battle, they can get some precious loot. Seasonal challenges, permanent unlocking of cosmetics and some new character prototypes and skills will be introduced, but melee rework seems to be Path of Exile Currency the most important. Many skills have changed and in many cases, some skills have been redesigned. Now, once an existing operation is completed, it will immediately perform another operation.

Melee rework also affects enemies, giving them longer end times and clearer animations. Grinding Gear redesigned many of the early game encounters - especially the bosses but included regular monsters - making them more challenging and requiring players to move a lot of time. Due to various upgrades of the player's previous leagues, the early game became too easy. With this update, it's not as easy as it used to be, and it's not as easy to challenge as it used to be. Poor forgotten Hairrake can even kill you again.

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