Rocket League: How to play in the ghost hunting mode

Posted by smrtsmith on June 11th, 2019

The Rock League's Radical Summer event has begun, as there is already a whole new game mode for players to take pleasure from. This is slightly completely different from the previous situation, and lots of players are puzzled through the mechanism behind it. To help, this is a quick guide on how to play in the ghost hunting mode inside the Rocket League through the aggressive summer event.

The core mechanics of Ghost Hunt are almost the same as Soccer, which is the default mode you know and love. The map is similar, plus the basic physical characteristics from RL Items the shot resemble at some point. Although the shot does let your catch fly, it would appear that the momentum will pull down ahead of the ball stops hovering inside the air whether it does not hit or communicate with it. What really changed was the goal along with the new proton package. Basically quite a few and get nearby the ball providing it is available, as they can be used being a super magnet to glue the ball to or near your vehicle.

Triggering this process will pull the ball closer and hold it there for some seconds, offering you time to push it toward the containment area that's in front of the enemy's usual target. As a team, you may get the ball by striking the ball or using Proton Pack, you will want to Buy RL Items protect it. The ball must remain in this area for around two seconds to attain. Let other teams do not beat it, you will understand this. Similarly, another team sends the ball towards the containment area to provide two seconds going to it or make use of a proton package to seize it.

This is how to play in the Ghost Hunt mode inside the Rocket League over the Radical Summer event. Get the most points to win the winner. Be prepared to make more changes and new game modes in the Rocket League Summer event.

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