A Few Distinguishing Features of Best Custom Suits

Posted by adrianpark001 on June 11th, 2019

You cannot resist the temptation of wearing custom suits if you are particular about the way you look and love to wear only befitting clothes. But, what make custom suits so special. Of course, when we hear the word custom we began to equate it with quality. But, what makes this type of suits a better quality.

If you want to get suits stitched for special occasions then, these suits will be the best choice. You can look distinct and be a crowd fuller. What makes custom suits different from other types? Given here are certain distinguishing features of these suites.

If you want the best custom suits Chicago or elsewhere, look for these features.


The conventional way of making men’s custom suit involves the process of sewing horsehair canvas underneath the wool-fabric shell. Canvas is like a foundation and while sewing the suit holds its shape and hence sagging is prevented. It lies underneath and helps the suite to drape in a natural way sans bunching. Over certain period of time, your body gets mold the canvas to itself and creates an amazing fitting shape. It looks good and creates stiffness.

Lapel Rolls:

These rolls are sign of custom suit Chicago or elsewhere. What are lapel rolls? It is the fall and curl of lapel downwards from the fold right to the middle of the button. With the help of canvasing a soft and natural curve is created that finishes of the lapel.

Pick Stitching:

There is yet another feature of the bespoke suit which is called pick stitching. It refers to the small and subtle stitching which is done around the exposed edges of the suit such as at the pockets, lapels and even at the buttonholes. Pick stitching adds an extra “finish” to these suites so that they can be designed to blend seamlessly. When contrasting colors are involved it looks more appealing.

Accent threads on Buttonholes and Lapels:

Accent threads right on the buttonholes and lapel is another distinguishing feature of bespoke suits. This is a great way to add your own personality into making the suit.

Monogramming is immensely popular:

If custom suites are to be made for grooms, then monogramming cannot be done away with.  This feature takes bespoke suites to another level. He can choose to add something meaningful inside the pockets like wedding dates, custom messages, and initials and can get it al embroidered without adding huge variety of colors and fonts that can make your suites truly unique.

Custom suits are actually a great choice when you want to put on something truly unique. If you want to look great and out of crowd you can choose to get them made from the expert professionals from Alterations 60622.

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