Do It Yourself: Office Chair Gas Lift Replacement

Posted by johnhrq on June 11th, 2019

For the amount of time office chairs are used during the work day, through weeks and months of continued use, the chair will eventually need some servicing, either to be repaired or to replace parts.

If you notice that the seat of the chair is starting to sink, the gas lift cylinder needs to be replaced. Completing an Office Chair Gas Lift Replacement can be done yourself with a few simple steps and tools.

Today, we will walk you through the process of completing an office chair gas lift replacement.

The gas lift cylinder is the part of the chair that is responsible for adjusting the height of the chair up or down. If the cylinder breaks, the chair will not hold the weight of the person using it and can create an uncomfortable arrangement.

Before you start, you will need to get the replacement part you need for the chair. Finding a gas lift cylinder can be easy with Office Replacement Parts. There are many different kinds of cylinders to choose from ranging in different sizes for different chair models. At Office Replacement Parts, there are many different brands available like Staples, Herman Miller, Haworth, Knoll and more.

Once you have the right part, get the following tools. You will need a hammer, a pipe wrench, and the new cylinder. You may also need WD40 to help get the chair apart, so have some nearby in the event it is needed.

Start by separating the old cylinder and the base of the chair. Turn the chair onto its side and use the hammer to lightly tap the base of the chair. Take the wrench at the top of the old cylinder and twist until it is released from the mechanism. You can also remove the mechanism by unscrewing the bolts at the bottom of the seat and then using the hammer to lightly tap the mechanism away from the chair.

Once you have the chair cylinder removed, replace it with the new office chair gas lift replacement. To do this, have the cylinder pop into the base of the chair then lift both into the mechanism. Once this is completed, you can bring the chair back to its upright position and start using the chair again. Everything should fasten together to make the chair sturdy and able to be used again.

With the constant use of office chairs, the cylinder may be the part that most commonly needs to be replaced, but other parts of the chair may need replacing, as well, with constant use. At Office Replacement Parts, you can find all of the parts you need to make your office chairs good as new. With everything from armrests and arm pads to wheels and casters, even bases and mechanisms, you can find it at Office Replacement Parts.

Office Replacement Parts also has much more than parts for just office chairs. You can get file bars and file cabinet keys and lock cores, coat hooks for cubicles and a variety of other replacement parts from top brands like Haworth, Herman Miller, Hon, Knoll, Steelcase and more.

Feel free to contact the team at Office Replacement Parts with any questions on how to complete the replacement of the office chair gas lift cylinder or any other questions about additional replacement parts from the team of experts by calling 347-561-7587 or sending an email to The team is always willing to help with expert and quality customer service. From the best replacement parts for your most important office needs to great service, you can get it all with Office Replacement Parts.

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