Expose Kids with ‘play-based learning’ in Preschool Summer Camps

Posted by Lyn Aqua on June 11th, 2019

The concept of education amongst maximum parents is reading the books, scoring high percentage, and then passing with flying colors!


It’s a major reason why maximum parents don’t feel it’s important to prioritize early education in preschools.

It’s the high time to rectify those mistakes and know why does a preschool western Sydney follow play-based activities in the curriculum for brain linkage programs.


Conducting summer camp is the best way to encourage play-based educational activities for collective brain development within kids aged from 2 to 3 years, because:

Maximum kids undergo brain development from an early age. Choosing play-based activities in summer camp helps children to:

Relate education to environmental activities

Maximum early childcare centres instill environmental awareness in children with the help of moral science lessons and conduct outdoor sessions like:

  • Cleaning a small portion of the daycare’s backyard
  • Planting flowers
  • Watering the plants in the garden, etc.

These are a few advanced ways to relate the environment with the academic program. The exposure that a child gets from an early age like this helps the kid to unlock cognitive growth. In summer camps, these programs act as a link to connect education with its applied concepts.

Later this same habit helps a child to relate the moral science lessons in practical life when she/he reaches the elementary grade.



Introducing search the hidden object out by knowing the clues’ games are an innovative way to connect the brain with thinking abilities. Such programs help kids to:

Develop the habit of connecting their brain with thinking process from an early age

Maximum teachers believe that spoon feeding is a major reason amongst kids to remain the same ‘daddy/mamma’s boy or girl’ and get too much dependent upon parents.


Maximum cases that child psychologists come across amongst adolescent teenagers are their dependency on their parents even after coming into elementary grade!

Summer camps in preschools are the perfect place for breaking those habits. Introducing play-based programs, where a ‘missing object must be searched out and placed in the slot’ to finish the puzzle with clues hidden somewhere in the surrounding is the best way to connect the brain with the thinking process.

Such programs in summer camps give sufficient exposure to kids for collective learning through interactive activities.

Instead of rushing to find a daycare for your kid, take time to analyze which preschool Liverpool emphasizes brain linkage programs for unlocking cognitive growth in a kid.

Look out for different programs offered in preschool and find whether those programs are beneficial for your kids or not before considering it perfect for your child.



Summer camps are the best place for kids to execute physical activity-based exercises to develop the habit of practicing motor skills!

Be it hiking or any sports-based activity, the muscles and motor skills get utilized aptly. That’s why:


Including physical activity in summer camp is the best way to encourage muscular development within kids

Muscles start developing within kids from an early stage. Utilizing summer camps for conducting some of these sports activities has many benefits like:

  • Rugby
  • Volleyball
  • Cricket
  • Football

First of all, these activities link the brain with physical movements. Sports activities connect motor skills with brains and when directs the nerves connected with the muscles. Hiking is another example of developing motor skills within kids. Walking through the remote locations where a camp is set does not only increase the taste of adventure, rather helps children to enjoy the fresh air of the nature in the woods.  

Such summer camps are not only a relief amongst kids from the books, rather help them to socialize with the environment they’re living in. Nowadays, maximum daycares and preschools are moving towards collective learning rather than theoretical learning. Summer camps are the best example of such interactive learning in preschools.


It’s important first to find top preschool western Sydney for collective growth within kids. Spend time in research work to find suitable daycare for kids so that the learning outcome is reflected later in elementary classes.

After all, it’s the responsibility of every parent to find the right preschool for their children to expose kids with collective learning.    


Author Bio:

Lyn Aqua helped maximum parents to know how preschool western Sydney spurs cognitive development in kids. Her interactive posts on the necessity of collective learning in preschool Liverpool helped parents to find suitable daycare for their kids.

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