How to repair the broken shaft of cone crusher?

Posted by lily lily on June 11th, 2019

Cone crusher is the commonly used crushing equipment. During its production process, the broken of shaft is a kind of common fault. The frequent broken of shaft will not only affect the normal production of cone crusher, but also increase its daily maintenance and repairing work. SBM will analyze the causes and solutions of this failure in the following paragraphs:

After the analysis, we draw a conclusion that there are three general reasons for the fracture of main spindle during the process of cone crushing machine in the long run: its quality, external factors and the fatigue of fracture. For the first two reasons, choose suitable materials according to the actual situation of the spindle to ensure the normal influence of external factors, which can avoid the fracture problem. But for third one, its reason is to feed on one side, which leads to the uneven distribution of materials in the crushing cavity. The imbalance of the load at the bottom of crushing cavity results in impact load of the spindle. Therefore, the spindle is periodically affected by the impact force during its eccentric rotation, so that the spindle will receive continuous bending, which is the reason for the fatigue fracture of the spindle. In addition, cone crusher can be modified to solve the problem of the broken spindle.

The baffle plate in the feeding hopper should be adjusted for the free fall height of materials, and then adjust the upper crossbeam to be parallel with the feeding direction. Maintain the packed feeding of cone crusher as possible as you can (packed feeding can maximize the productivity of crushers). With the improvement of these measures, the materials along the crushing cavity are uniformly distributed, which has greatly improved the stress condition of the spindle as well as its working environment and running status. After the improvement, the operation of crushing equipment will be in normal operation, which has achieved good results, such as safe operation, reliable quality and economic performance, high working efficiency and long duration.

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