14K versus 18K which is better?

Posted by Nabin Shaw on June 11th, 2019

During buying the goldnecklaceor a braceletyouwilldefinitelysee the symbols 14K or 18K. What do theymean? It is a popular way of marking the value of the goldusingcarats and goldpurity. Thisarticlewillexplain the differencebetween 14K and 18K gold and willtellwhattype of caratsisbetter for yourneeds.

1. 14K gold vs 18K gold

2. Whatisbetter – 14K or 18K gold?

14K gold vs 18K gold

14K goldiswell-known as 583 goldbecauseitconsists of 58,3% of gold. It ismoreresistance to tarnish and itisused to manufacturenormaljewellery – itmeansthatisverydurable and can be worn by peoplewho do varioussportsorworkphysically. However, thistype of jewelleryhasalsosomeminuses. Firstly, itis less expensivethat 18K gold and itisalso less vivid. Nonetheless, itis a goodqualitygoldthatisusedamong 90% of weddingrings. It isalsorecommended for peoplewhoareactive and who do not sit at the deskall the time. Moreover, some of the less expensivegoldnecklace for men – The GLD Shop as well as bracelets, rings and other piece of jewelleryarealsomanufacturedusingthistype of gold.

On the otherhand, thereis 18K goldthatisknown as 750 gold – itconsists of 75% of gold. It ismorevivid and expensivethan 14K gold. However, itis less resistance to tarnishsoitis not recommended to wearduringworkinghoursorifyouareanactive person – itwilldestroyfaster. Thistype of goldisalsoused in manufacturing high quality gold necklace for men – The GLD Shop as well as othertypes of jewellery. It isworth to addthat 18K goldisespecially popular in Europe and Asia and itisused to manufacturing fine jewellery and electronic devices.

Whatisbetter – 14K or 18K gold?

Thisisquestionoftenasked in jeweller's. However, itis hard to guess the caratstype of gold by lookingatthem. Youneed to test it to verifyitsreallyvalue. Moreover, ifyou want to knowwhattype of carat goldisperfect for you, itisworth to see the instructionbelow.

Basic differencesbetweenjewellerypurity:

- the loweris the number, the harder the productis and vice versa – high puritynumber, the softerproduct.

- lowerpuritynumbersare less resistant to tarnishing.

- the highestpuritynumbersbecomesmoreyellow.

Whatismore, sometimesthereis no visibledifference in expensivegoldnecklace for men – The GLD Shop made of differentpurity. As anoutcome, itisworth to thinktwicebeforeyoumake the finaldecision on buyingitbecausethereis a significantdifference in price.

It is also worth to know other goldpuritynumbersthatyoumaysee in the jeweller's. Theyarefollowing:

999 purity - 99.9% of gold 24 carats

960 purity - 96.0% of gold 23 carats

750 purity – 75.0% of gold 18 carats

585 purity – 58.5% of gold 14 carats

500 purity – 50.0% of gold 12 carats

375 purity - 37.5% of gold 9 carats

333 purity - 33.3% of gold 8 carats

Gold is one of the most durable and desiredchemical element with atomicnumber 79 thatiswidelyused in numerousfields, includingjewellery. It iswell-known for itsdurability, vividness and unfortunately the pricethatmayterrifyeveryjeweller'scustomer. However, itisworth to purchase 14K goldrings as well as 18K necklaces to have a beautiful piece of jewellery.

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