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Posted by GboysLove on June 12th, 2019

You’ll be able to showcase your sprints, leg press, weight lifting abilities and more in this training facility. To use any of the equipment, just walk up how to buy mt nba 2k20 the purple pads on the floor to begin.

MyCourt High-Rise: This area is right across from the Theater just down the road from the Practice Facility. It’s on the right side of the side and has a doorman standing out front. Talk to him to take the elevator to MyCourt.

From here, you can play some pick-up games with friends or earn VC on your own while practicing. A lot of the features are locked behind having a higher overall so this will be a good place to check back on later.

The Venue: The Venue is right across from the MyCourt High-Rise. The Venue allows you to wager VC in games. That might explain the “Ante Up” written across the board.

Dunk-Off Court: You can find this court to the right of The Venue. Standing in the blue circles will allow you to join the line and compete against other players. The goal is to make as many dunks in 30 seconds. Make sure you check out the instructions before you jump in 2k20 buy mt prevent yourself from being embarrassed.

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