What are Hormones? What are the Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalances?

Posted by john roone on June 12th, 2019

What are hormones

Hormones are chemicals produced by endocrine glands (thyroid, adrenals, ovaries and testes).  They travel throughout the bloodstream to organs and tissues delivering them messages, so these organs know what to do. 

Since most body functions are regulated hormones, they affect our overall health.  Examples include regulating heart-rate, metabolism, appetite, reproductive cycle, sexual functionalities and sleep.   They help in general growth of the body and control its temperature, stress levels and mood.

What is hormonal imbalance?

As it is clear by the name, hormonal imbalances occur when there is too much or too little of hormones in the bloodstream. Hormones have an important role to play in our bodies and hence too much and too little of them can lead to a number of side effects.

Both men and women are affected by the hormonal imbalances. Some of the common hormone imbalance Sydney or elsewhere are the imbalances in Insulin, growth hormones, adrenaline and steroids etc. Women experience the imbalances when their two important hormones progesterone and estrogen gets affected. On the other hand, men are affected when the testosterone levels get affected.

Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalances:

Symptoms of the hormonal imbalances depend on which gland or the set of hormones get affected. There can be a number of symptoms like abrupt weight gain or loss, excessive sweating, difficulty in sleeping, loss of hair and a lot more. Imbalances in Women’s Hormones Sydney affect their menstrual cycles.

Treatment for the Hormonal Imbalances:

Treatment of the hormonal imbalances varies and depends primarily on the cause of it. It is also true that different people need different types of treatments.  Given here are the treatment options.

Supporting oestrogen detoxification via the liver with DIM, and Activated B vitamins to support methylation

Supporting progesterone production by stimulating ovulation with anti-inflammatory nutrients such as n-acetyl-cysteine and glutathione or the herb vitex.  

Supporting the production of testosterone with nutrients such as zinc, vitamin D and herbs such as damiana and tribulus. 

Thyroid hormones are made with tyrosine and iodine so ensuring adequate intake of these nutrients is important to support the production of thyroid hormone T4 (thyroxine)

All hormones are made by cholesterol, so ensuring you had adequate levels of cholesterol buy eating animal fats (saturated fats) ad having good liver function is essential.

MTHFR is a key gene in the regulation of hormones as it is involved in the detoxification of oestrogen via the liver. Failure to detoxify oestrogen can give symptoms of low mood, anxiety, insomnia, tender breasts, bloating and fluid retention.  MTHFR Treatment Skype is available to assist patients with these issues.

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