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12-Volt or 120-Volt - Which is Right for Your Outdoor Lighting System?

Posted by LauraDerbyshire on June 12th, 2019

It isn't as confusing as you may suspect when settling on a low-voltage 12-volt framework and a 120 standard volt framework or a blend of both. Only for explanation purposes, a 120 standard volt framework is the thing that you use in your home to control the majority of your apparatuses. The 12 V or low-voltage lighting framework will really be connected to a transformer that is then connected to your home electrical 120-volt attachment for its capacity. I need to now give you some particular cases where your open-air lighting framework would be best served by utilizing either control frameworks to meet your outside lighting needs.


A low-voltage lighting framework is regularly more secure to introduce than a standard voltage framework. Truth be told the main open door for peril when taking care of or establishment is when making the association with the standard voltage power source or when utilizing an excessively little wire estimate. So really sheltered the extent that taking care of electrical frameworks go.

The standard voltage framework necessitates that you be cautious when making an association with the primary power source. You will likewise need to compute legitimate electrical burdens, pass the majority of your neighborhood electrical wiring codes, and have your framework reviewed preceding being associated with the primary framework. If you are looking for an outdoor lighting system for your home visit here lutron wireless.

Splendor Levels

Splendor with low voltage lighting frameworks will go from medium-splendid to diminish. One approach to expand splendor is to utilize a glowing quartz 12 volt light. The territory you will almost certainly light with a medium brilliant dimension with every light is lower than what most standard lights will put out with a standard volt framework. This can be cured by utilizing more lights.

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Standard volt brilliance levels extend from little lights with dimmers putting out diminish light to tossing out an extremely splendid light with mercury vapor, quartz, and metal halide bulbs or lights. A portion of these lights is fit for anticipating light more than a large number of square feet. Obviously, this is significantly more than you will presumably requirement for the majority of your home outside lighting ventures.

These are only two or three the contrasts between the two outside lighting frameworks however how about we go into what you truly need to realize which is, what is the best framework for your home? Littler yards or plant enclosures are more qualified for low voltage frameworks in light of the littler region to light. Low voltage frameworks function admirably for giving little spotlights on medium-sized or little trees, little statues, and lighting little grass zones.

The more splendid standard volt frameworks are substantially fit when lighting up enormous territories or when utilized for giving security or wellbeing around your home. Because of their quality of light and capacity to extend it over huge separations, they additionally function admirably when the subject you need to enlighten is far from your light source or apparatus. One case of this would have a Well light or ground mounted light being utilized for uplighting into the parts of a huge tree.

These are a couple of issues to think about when settling on a low-voltage or standard voltage open-air lighting framework yet its shy is low-voltage works better for little settings or little zones and standard voltage works better for enormous zones or over long separations.

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