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Your Quick Guide to Buy Antiques Furniture Without Being Cheated

Posted by johnroone on June 12th, 2019

One of the proudest moments for every person is when someone praises their home. The beauty of the home can be enhanced by different items. Adding certain things to the home can drastically improve the appearance of the interiors of the house.

In order to get the best items for their home, people look for antique furniture. However, there are innumerable sellers who claim to provide them with genuine antiques but in reality, the antiques could be fake.

Rather than getting cheated by them, it is necessary to know certain factors about the furniture which will allow you to get genuine antique. Here are all the major things that you need to consider before you look for antique furniture decorative for sale.

#1 Construction of the Piece

Before you get the antique furniture, you have to know how the piece was actually made. Almost every antique is handmade and will also show the marks of making the furniture. Some of those signs are known as kerf marks which can be found in the drawer of the furniture. There are also certain types of marks that can be found on the furniture. In case you do not find any such marks, then there are chances that the item may not be as antique as the seller claims.

#2 Look Out for the Stamp or Signs

In the early period, furniture manufacturers were believed that it is important to leave a mark of authenticity on the pieces that they make. Some of the limited-edition furniture also holds a special stamp signifying the date and limited-edition stamp. These stamps can be found on either the drawers or at the back. These could also be marks of chalks or pencil that were used to make the furniture.

#3 Look Out of the Damage

Here the damage to the furniture does not mean that it could be broken from any place. In this case, you have to look out for the small cracks in the wood as it could be caused from the long time period. Wood is known to expand and contract with time resulting in such cracks.

#4 Check the Hardware

Before you buy the antique furniture, you have to keep an eye on the hardware as well. It is best that you check the drawer and see the nuts supporting the brass of the drawer. If you see the nut, then you can confidently buy the furniture.

These were the major things that you have to look out before getting antique furniture. It is recommended to check the exact age of the furniture.

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