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Posted by eliteinternet on June 12th, 2019

Mobile card readers are small hardware devices that are used for smart phones or tablets to accept the payments from credit or debit cards with the mobile Point of Sale or POS. Unlike the fixed card machines, mobile card readers can be used anywhere. Gone are the days when the credit card holder is required to take their credit cards to the POS for getting a payment processed. Now the POS comes to them. There are plenty of retail outlets that are using this latest technology and today all types of business can take advantage of taking card payments, all thanks to the fully mobile card terminals.

How Does the Mobile Card Reader Work?

The best mobile credit card reader uses Wi-Fi hotspots for processing transactions, so whatever goods and services your customers want to buy can be paid for from any location whatsoever.

What Are Remote Card Readers?

For quite a while now, there have been terminals that can read cards remotely, and they are used in settings like bars and restaurants for extra convenience in taking payments. However, these systems differ from the fully mobile card machines because they work only within a certain range of the base units.

Though the information required to conduct transactions from remote units is passed wirelessly to the base, the transaction is still passed on to fixed telephone lines. Remote credit card readers extend the existing technology. However, these do not offer fully mobile services so that the payment can be made outside or away from the actual businesses.

What are the Benefits of Fully Mobile Transactions?

One of the major advantages of a mobile card system is that it enables secured payments instantly. For sales personnel this can be a big benefit because it enables them to obtain payments or secure deposits right when their customers are engaged and involved with what is being sold. For sales reps thatmake calls and visits to the premises of many businesses, they are able to turn potential orders into fully paid sales.

How Do Mobile Card Machines Work?

Instead of using remote card readers and base units, a mobile credit card reader uses the interconnectivity of the mobile phone network and Wi-Fi hotspots to process the transaction. This means the services and goods can be paid from almost any location whether outdoors or indoors. Instead of the old and traditional PDQ machine, an app like that of SumUp Card and Payment App is downloaded to the smart device of the seller. Both the tablets and the smartphones are capable of working with the system. The seller enters the amount of the transaction into the app on a screen whose setup is simple. If you have a Merchant Account, you can make use of these transactions, so you need to look into setting one up.

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