Common Mistakes While Filing Two-Wheeler Third-Party Insurance Claim

Posted by Reena More on June 12th, 2019

A comprehensive two-wheeler bike insurance policy comprises compensation for own damage and that of the third party. Meaning that your property and the third party and property both get covered in the situation of a road accident. This is complete with the third party claiming the bike insurance against the vehicle which has caused the accident.

This gives the package two points. One is own damages cover and the second is third-party insurance. As obvious from the name, the personal accident insurance part protects the policyholder from accidental death.

The third-party liability bike insurance is mandated for all two-wheeler owners by the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. This type of bike insurance does not cover you and your bike; instead, it offers protection to a third-party and for damages caused by your vehicle to his/her property or health. However, the upper limit of the available compensation for property damage is set at INR 1 lakh.

What are inclusions and exclusions of a Third-Party Insurance?

Inclusions are a set of clauses mentioned in the policy document which state that your bike will be protected in the future. Exclusions are the exact opposite of inclusions. Exclusions state that, under certain circumstances, protection and cover will not be provided to the vehicle in case of an accident.


  1. Any damages to the third party or their property caused by your vehicle is covered under Third-Party insurance. This means that, in case of an accident where you cause damage to the third-party, the cost of medical expenses can be claimed under the bike insurance by the third party.
  2. Property damage caused to the third party is covered under this policy. This means that, if there were any expenses related to property damage, the cost of repairs will be covered by the family.


  1. Always keep in mind, damage to your own vehicle will not be covered under the third-party bike insurance. The cover is for third party only.
  2. In case you ride your bike without a valid driving license, you will not be entitled to the third party insurance feature and you will have to bear all the expenses from your own wallet.
  3. The same applies in case of riding your bike under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicants and drugs, the cover will not be provided under these circumstances.
  4. Third-Party insurance is limited to a specific geographical location or area. You will not get coverage outside your country.

Now that you have a clear idea of inclusions and exclusions, make sure that the insurance policy mentions the same in the policy document. Ensure that all of your queries are answered before purchasing a policy, as even a single unanswered doubt can cause a lot of complications during the claims process. Therefore, you must check all the inclusions and exclusions before purchasing a third-party insurance policy.

What You Need to Keep in Mind When Filing A Third-Party Insurance Claim:

  1. When your vehicle meets with an accident, you must contact the police and fully cooperate in the filing of the First information report. This is the document which will have to be compulsorily submitted in the third-party insurance claim situation. This is the first and most important step.
  2. Remember that you should absolutely never flee from the spot of the accident. One should understand that an accident is a shock, yet one is required to stay calm.
  3. Take assistance from police if you are confused about the claim and never settle a claim without the involvement of police since this will result in an illegal status.
  4. Remember to inform the bike insurance company, as soon as possible. Various insurance providers have a fixed claim notice period that starts from the moment of the accident, so be well versed with the terms and conditions of the policy beforehand.
  5. Try gathering evidence in the nature of vehicle number, the ID of the driver and all from the spot of the accident. Gather evidence of video and photographic nature, so as to capture the smallest details of the accident and share these in the FIR.
  6. Remember to gather details of insurance from the individual who is involved in the road accident.
  7. After this, register a claim with the bike insurance company and supplement with paperwork pertaining to:
  • Claim form.
  • Insurance Proof.
  • Copy of FIR.
  • Copy of DL of the individual driving the vehicle.
  • Bills for repair
  • Copy of communications with the insurance company.
  1. The accident report to the insurance provider should happen between 48 hours from the time of the accident.
  2. Try to capture:
  3. Picture of the damage
  4. Injuries on the third-party

Photographic evidence is useful for future details. One must also try jotting down the name and phone numbers of

  1. Witness
  2. Third-party

Also, collect all required information about the third-party’s insurance coverage.

  1. Always deliver accurate information to the bike insurance provider. Never try to make up false information for claim approval. Kindly note that the failure to give the right information might result in the complete rejection of your claim and invalidation of policy.
  2. One must register a case with the tribunal court of motor accident claim which has jurisdiction over the location where the accident occurred. You need to file the case with the court tribunal that has jurisdiction over the place of the third party's residence. Kindly note that not all courts give rulings on third-party two-wheeler insurance claims.
  3. One must always keep notes of communication that you have had with the insurer pertaining to the claim.
  4. Keep a folder that contains all paperwork, bills, payment receipts, etc. that are required for the claim.

In case of an accident, never panic and try to as stay as calm as possible during the complete process of the insurance claim process, which takes time to be finished. Keep in mind the points mentioned above and you will sail through the third party claim process.

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