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Posted by JessicaRhodes on June 12th, 2019

Sometimes your code is not always perfect. And you want so much that it was not only a working, but also beautifully designed and formatted. Time is our main enemy, it rarely allows us to follow the rules of code design. We try to quickly finish the layout, or describe a dozen css-styles, and we do it at the expense of readability. In this article we will give a list of services that will help you format your code so that it was nice to look at it.

Trust the program or do everything handles? Surely you have a question: how to make the code readable? Can the program competently arrange all indents and line breaks so that the human eye gets the kind of code just aesthetic pleasure? Of course it can! Do not be mistaken that, since the robot does the work for you, as a matter of fact, it will be “dirty”. The services that will be presented in the article below have saved me more than once. For example, in situations where it was necessary to copy the same html code from another site, and when inserted, the tags were simply arranged in a random order in lines: a bunch of tabs, no logical line breaks, absolutely no nesting! Probably many are familiar. And I really want your site to be different: neat and readable. After all, first of all, we do it for ourselves, for the convenience of further support of a code. Let's format your code! Talk less, work more. As practice has shown, the formatting of the code online is quite simple. You just need to copy your dirty code and paste it into special text fields on one of the indicated sites. Then press the button, wait a bit and - voila! You get beautiful, formatted and easy to read code.

About Sionoo:

Sionoo is an online tool offering the best opportunity to people all over the world to beautify their JS code. If you are an enemy of hard readable code, then the Sionoo platform should become your friend. You will be surprised by its capability of designing and formatting your code in such way that you could forget about any problems in future. The formatter does not touch the logic of your code, it just stylizes it and beautify JS. Do not hesitate to checkout how the Sionoo website can help you.


Company Name: Sionoo


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