Cotton Baby Blankets: Unraveling What Is Behind the Labels

Posted by Andrey Shestak on June 13th, 2019

We all love to sleep. After all, who doesn’t want to lie on the bed and sleep for hours? Many reports have stated that we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. More so in the case of our children who need additional hours of sleep to relax their body and help their delicate bodies grow.

Do we pay adequate attention to how we spend this time?  The answer is NO. We cover our bodies in sheets made using toxic chemicals and dyes. We pay much care to our skincare products as they come in direct contact with our skin. However, when it comes to our sheets and blankets that rub on our skin while sleeping, we don’t even think about switching to a healthier bedding alternative.

Imagine about your tiny tots whose skin is so soft that you don’t feel like stopping yourself from pulling their cheeks! Undoubtedly, they require additional care as their bodies are much more sensitive in comparison to adults.

Ditch the conventional cartoon sheets for your loved ones for organic cotton baby blankets. They are a safe alternative and an easy way to ensure that your baby feels the warmth of your love.

How to find the right organic products?

When you look for organic products, you might get baffled with the labels and certifications they have as markers of their quality.  We have decoded what GOTS certification, one of the most sought after certification means so that you can understand what you are buying.

GOTS certification

Getting your product GOTS certified requires the fulfillment of the following situations-

  • The product constitutes at least 95% organic fiber.
  • Your product is free from bleach, formaldehyde, or any other toxic substances.
  • It uses only non-toxic dyes.
  • It has been manufactured in a mill that complies with strict social and environmental standards.

Organic Products- The Mystery Continues

Although organic bedding viz. a viz., organic cotton baby blankets have not become commonplace yet, people are getting aware of the need for using natural products in general. Sadly, due to this, the term ‘organic’ has become a vending token that brings money in return. Many brands that claim to be organic are so only for namesake. In this scenario, be careful that you don’t fall in the trap. After all, it’s your demand for organic products that is being played upon.

If you are looking for organic bedding, look for the GOTS label. Once you see this certification, you can be assured of the product’s quality and its ‘organic status’ . Products with this certification have the upper hand on self-proclaimed organic products.

Due to over-exploitation of natural resources, we have posed a serious question mark on our future. There is a dire need to turn towards organic alternatives not just because they ensure our healthy being but because it’s high time to pay back to our environment! Whether it is your bedding set or organic Turkish towel, take a small step towards protecting the environment.

Finding a reliable brand to provide home utilities from your bedding to your bathing experience is difficult. Letters from Bosphorus is one such brand that has it all ‘certified’ under one roof to make your life a lot easier!

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