How to take a wine stain of the clothes?

Posted by markwahlbargg on June 13th, 2019

Spotting clothes with wine can be inconvenient, however, there are a few methods that can completely remove these brands.

For these results to appear it is necessary that the cleaning is done fast, so it is possible to remove all the stains without leaving any vestige in the clothes, therefore, to eliminate a stain of the wine sees the tips below offered by Wholesale Laundry.

Tips for removing the wine stain:

To make the stain easier it is best to clean the dirt when it is still fresh, so try to remove the excess wine with the paper towel and wash the piece with hot soapy water. Through the hot water, it is possible to dilute and take out the wine that has penetrated the fabric.

Another option rather than using the paper towel to remove the excess is to put a little salt in the wet spot because the liquid will be sucked in by the salt. With this method, just cover the stain and let it rest for five minutes and after the stipulated time.

Another alternative is to mix the liquid soap with hydrogen peroxide, because this oxidizing solution has a whitening function, in addition, it can dissolve the pigments of the stain, so it is easier to remove the soap or soap.

For situations, that the stain was on a towel and cannot remove from the table at that time, use the liquid soap and hot water, so the stain will soften, and will be easier to remove later.

In addition to the above options, it is possible to remove the wine stain with milk. For this process, put the clothes in the pan with milk and boil. After boiling leave to soak until the stain leaves, however, before using the product to the test, because if the stain or fade the piece do not use. Stain-wine-clothes

The Wholesale Laundry suggests a simple way to remove the wine stain is with ice. Take the ice and pass in place, so it prevents the tissue from absorbing the wine, however, this works when the stain is still fresh.

Another simple tip to eliminate the wine stain is to use lemon and salt. When the wine has fallen, put salt and lemon juice in the mark and let the mixture stand for at least 30 or 1 hour in the fabric until the stain is removed. After this period rub and wash with soap and water.

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