5 Easy Steps to Create Custom Greeting Cards

Posted by Parul Sharma on June 13th, 2019

Gone are those days when people would go to store and buy greeting cards to wish someone on various occasions. the time has changed and now design your own custom greeting cards online on Lookchup that you can use to send a heartfelt message to your customers.

Below I’ve described basic steps you need to follow in order to create a perfect custom greeting card. Don’t worry if you are a beginner, the following guides are beginner friendly.

Here are five easy steps you must follow to create the perfect custom greeting cards:

Select custom greeting cards template:

We as a service provider, offer you great templates that will help you layout the design of your custom card. Just pick the size that you wish to work on and download the appropriate file type for your graphics editing software. Once you have downloaded the template you want, you can start designing your custom greeting cards.

Choose a theme:

Greeting cards are very common way of wishing someone during seasonal events and other special occasions. Choose a specific theme as per the occasion that fits the event you want to commemorate. This is an important step that you need to keep in mind what kind of graphics and text you put on your custom greeting cards. you can also upload your own photos if you want.

Set up your design file:

You’ve chosen your theme, now you can start collecting your graphics and setting up your design file. You are provided with options that you can change when you first set up your file. Since you are making a greeting card to be printed out, you need to make sure the final printed is clear.

Arrange your text and graphics:

Once you have collected your graphics, you can begin to arrange them on your template. Keep your original theme in mind and use fonts that are readable.  When designing your card, remember this. Don’t overdo it. Make your design clean and easy to read, so your theme and message get across easily. Finally, since you are creating custom greeting cards for your business, you must make sure that you incorporate logo and contact information.

Proof and Point:

Once, everything looks fine, save your file, and send it to your favourite print shop. Keep in mind that you are using a professional print shop to print them as they will more than likely save you money and get you better results. Plus, they are likely to have a proofing service that ensures your design is ready to print. Online printers also have a variety of paper stocks, coatings and other options available to make your custom card even more eye-catching.

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