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Posted by Pradeep Zende on June 13th, 2019

Car air purifier is a device which removes contaminant from the air inside the car cabin and refreshes the air by emitting negative ions, and by using HEPA filters, photo-catalyst, electrostatics and UV lamp technologies air purifiers are designed for vehicles which tend to utilize the negative ions, ozone or fan powered designed technologies like HEPA. Some purifiers are designed keeping in mind people suffering from asthma, such purifiers can make air free from all kinds of contaminants causing allergies so that patients get to breathe pure air, it also help in getting rid of second hand smoke. Fine and ultrafine particles are minor components by weight but they are significant by number, which makes them dangerous to health. Globally the market for car air purifier is expected to grow by 6.47% from 2016 to 2022.

Market Segmentation

Global Car Air Purifier Market is segmented by Type, Application and Region.

Market Forecast

Cheap price and portability of lighter type air purifier driving its sales in market. It is popular among smokers as it significantly reduce smoke and odour present inside car cabin. Ionizer emits negative ions which increase the sense of well-being and mental clarity by removing and debilitating effect of excessive positive ions inside car. There is a growing awareness of risks of air pollution as well as respiratory problems which can effect on mental health, cardiovascular condition and child development is helping the growth of the market In 2011, global car air purifier sales was 232 million units. While in 2016, it increased to 329 million units with an average increase rate of 7.34% during 2011-2016. These factors will play a key role in the growth of Car Air Purifier market at the CAGR of 6.4% during 2016-2022.

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By Application Analysis

Car air purifier majorly used in private vehicles compare to commercial vehicles. Private vehicle application of car air purifier contributes more than 65% market share and it’s growing at the rate of 6.5% during period 2016-2022. Car air purifier application is mainly dominated by private and commercial vehicles only, other application such as in home or hospital are declining at the rate of -2.26% as consumers are being very specific while choosing air purifier for home, offices and hospitals.

Competitive Analysis

The major key players in car air purifier market are

  • Philips (Netherlands)
  • SHARP (Japan)
  • Panasonic (Japan)
  • Agcen (Germany)
  • Vosson (China)
  • Purafil (U.S.)
  • ZEPST (Zhongzhi Environmental protection) (China)
  • Ionkini Technology (GZ) CO.Ltd.(China)

Car air purifier market is dominated by key manufacturers. Many key manufacturers are focusing on R&D activities to expand their product portfolio and to create product differentiation from competitors. Car air manufacturing companies are producing various type of air purifier which are portable, and helpful to purify air within short period of time which gaining popularity among consumers. The global car air purifier industry is expected to witness increase in mergers, acquisition and strategic alliance in upcoming years.

Regional Analysis

The global car air purifier market is segmented into North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific along with rest of the world (RoW). Among this Asia Pacific region is dominating the Car Air Purifier market followed by Asia Pacific. Car air purifier manufacturers are mainly concentrated in China and Europe. The two regions are also the major consumers of car air purifiers. In 2015, Europe and China took 30% and 59% share respectively in the global consumption market. In the future, it is predicted that global car air purifier’s demand will keep increasing as more and more awareness of pollution hazards to health. Some regions, such as China and India, will become the most potential market for car air purifiers. Market participants think that car air purifier market will also face fiercer competition in the coming years.

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