Immigration to Canada-New Immigrants Thrive As Employment Rises

Posted by Global Tree on June 13th, 2019

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, then this is definitely the best time for you to consider making that move. There is an overall boom in the fortunes of new immigrants who have arrived in Canada. Not just are the immigrants finding themselves in a country with a much better lifestyle and infrastructure in their home company, but better prospects for career advancement as well.

Immigration to Canada Proves Beneficial For Many

The rate of employment among the immigrants who are in the peak employment age of 25 to 54, has been growing steadily over the past few years and has reached a record high in the previous year. Employment rates are the highest now for the past 12 years.

According to a leading Canada news agency which obtained  these figures from data from a Finance Ministry memo, the rate of employment for young immigrants, who are in the age group of 25 to 54, and who happened to have arrived in Canada five years ago was more than 70 percent, which was the highest level of employment that was recorded since the year 2006. According to the memo by the finance ministry, a similar trend was also observed among those who opted for immigration to Canada, in the past five and ten years before the previous year.

The rapid increase in employment figures, can partially be accounted by the fact that the country is phenomenally increasing the number of jobs as new immigrants are choosing to enter Canada, due to the ambitious multi-year immigration plan, that was launched by the federal government of Canada.

The increase in employment figures can also be attributed to the fact many of the economic based federal and provincial immigration programs are more focused on human capital factors, which include skilled work experience and education, apart from proficiency in English or French. This can ensure that majority of immigrants who are coming into Canada, are coming ready to take on employment right off the bat.

A third reason for increased success of new immigrants is the overall positive attitude that residents and governments have toward immigrants in Canada, which leads to more help for new immigrants, helping them to settle and thrive better in Canada than anywhere else and helping outcomes for their growth

According to reports, the finance ministry memo also highlighted the prospects and outcomes for second-generation Canadians or children of immigrants, who were found to be performing better than the children of Canadian parents in terms of both income and education.  Nearly more than 40 percent of the second-generation Canadians managed to earn a college degree, when compared to 24 percent among local Canadian citizens, whose parents too were born in Canada. In terms of income too, second-generation Canadian citizens, earned almost 4,000 CAD more annually, than Canadian citizens who have Canadian born parents.

The rapid improvement in prospects for immigration to Canada can be attributed to a variety of factors as seen above, however the single most important factor, is the mutually beneficial nature of immigration. Canada can definitely use the skills that are brought in by the new immigration as its economy thrives, while immigrants can hope for a far better quality of life, when they settle in Canada.

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