What you learn when you opt for video presence coaching and training

Posted by jaques montegolifier on June 14th, 2019

Two words define the way businesses having been acquiring customers in the last decade – video content. Since the arrival of YouTube in 2005, video based, online content has become a key marketing strategy. Today, it is possible to launch a business and spread word about it through videos – whether you take them on your camcorder or your camera mobile phone. But making a video takes more than just hitting record and saying what comes to your mind. There are several stages involved in making a video that gets your message through, the way you intend it to. As such, you should consider video presence coaching and training to get your message across effectively. Here’s what you learn.

How to script a video: Business videos, unlike movies have more to do with the content than visual effects. Sure, it helps to have a soothing background, but it is important to pay attention to what you intend to say. Remember, content is king. To this effect, you can hire the services of an executive presentation coach who help you prepare the script in a way that is both, succinct and powerful.

How to present yourself on camera: The persona you present on camera should be that of a person that your intended viewer can identify with. It is about addressing your audience in a way that gets your message across. Apart from the message you deliver on the video, you also need to pay attention to the external elements – the light and sound, the background colour, etc. Special attention should be paid on the production value to enhance your video presence. This too, is a skill you learn when you opt for video presence coaching and training.

How to speak on camera: Sound is a very important component of video presentation. Let’s say you are a fast-speaker with an accent. This could possibly mean that not everyone can understand you. If you are in a leadership position, learning to speak on camera can prove extremely beneficial. Your executive presentation coach can provide some tips and tricks about speaking on camera. Whether it is energy and pacing, practicing enunciation and inflection or learning where to make the right pauses, you can learn how to effectively communicate on camera.

Practicing and rehearsing before appearing on camera: As mentioned above, videos are not made simply by pushing the record button. They take a lot of rehearsals. Whether you want to make a brand video or one for teleconferencing; rehearsals are both, important and necessary. As you read the script, you learn lines that are powerful and those that need to be edited out. You also hear your sound and understand words that require enunciation. All this happens only when you rehearse.

With every other business going the video route, the customer’s attention span and interest keeps decreasing. The idea is therefore make the most of video presence coaching and training and create concise, short-duration videos that prompt the receivers to open it and share it further. Remember the adage, ‘less is more’. People are always complaining about not having time, so it’s important to make the most of the few seconds they have to spare and create content in a manner that gets your point across.

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