Executive speech coaching–when to hire a coach & benefits of working with them

Posted by jaques montegolifier on June 14th, 2019

Whether you are a layman or an executive employed with a multi-national corporation, the ability to speech with confidence can prove to be a great asset that can help you progress, especially in your professional life. You can improve your public speaking skills by watching videos featuring business motivational speakers or by hiring the services of a speech coach. There are several organisations that especially cater to the needs of companies looking to provide their executives with speech coaching. But it is important to recognize when you should hire a speech coach and the benefits of working with them.

When should you hire a speech coach?

When it comes to business, hiring an executive speech coach can prove to be beneficial for your top-level executives in general and your organization in particular. There are several scenarios in business that require executives to be seen and heard on public platforms. This should be done with a lot of elegance, class and effectiveness, leaving a powerful impact on the intended audience. Executive speech coaching can prove to be extremely beneficially when a business needs to:

  • Make a pitch – A speech coach can help you pitch your ideas in a persuasive and efficient manner, whether you need to appear in front of a potential investor or secure a funding to win a major contract.
  • Improve brand image – Speech coaches can help you influence and improve the perception of your company in the eyes of the public, which further helps with customer acquisition.
  • Gain the confidence of important dignitaries – In every business, there is the common need to win the respect and trust of members that matter; whether it is the board of directors or the shareholders. Speech coaching can help you gain confidence in such matters.
  • Win your employees over – A business functions smoothly only when employees are happy. There are times when new regulations need to be implemented which can make employees uncomfortable. But with executive speech coaching you can gain the cooperation of your employees and win them over.

Benefits of working with a speech coach

  • Effective communication: The career of an executive can suffer if he/she has trouble communicating his viewpoint and making his employees understand the same. An executive speech coach can provide several tools while also helping you through issues like speech impediments, incomprehensible accents, and high rate of speech and so on.
  • Enhanced presentation skills: You may have great communication skills while speaking to people on a one on one basis but the same may not be true of your public speaking and presentation skills. Speech coaches often serve as business motivational speakers and come armed with tools that can help calm your nerves and speak clearly so that you can make your point confidently and efficiently.
  • Articulate words to match thoughts: You may have a great idea but if you fail to articulate it effectively, it can be rendered redundant. You could rehearse and rehearse and still not be able to present your ideas confidently because you’re not confident about the way you sound. Executive speech coaching can help you get your ideas across with confidence and clarity, with the help of personalized training tools and practical exercises.

Remember, as a 21st century employee, public speaking and presentation skills are assets you must nurture and imbibe.

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