Being in the limelight why celebrities need media training

Posted by jaques montegolifier on June 14th, 2019

Celebrities are public figures. What they do or say or wear becomes a matter of national news in seconds. Their constant presence in the limelight means that they cannot afford to make a public faux pas. They are one of the first people questioned by the media when it comes to matters making national headlines. As such, celebrities have to be prepared at all times. It is also important for them to know how to face the media. Media training for celebrities helps them master the art of facing the media and cultivate an image fit for a public figure. Here’s why celebrities need media training

Celeb opinions matter: Celebrities have the power to influence the people of the country. They are often questioned about their political opinions, colleagues, on stories making national headlines, sports stories and all things in between. Their opinion are appreciated, valued, questioned and even criticized, so they have a binding duty to watch what they say and how they say. Celebrity media trainers use executive presentation training skills as a tool to help them achieve this feat.

Colleagues keep changing: The glamorous world of celebrity means that they work on a project for some time until they move on to the next. Their colleagues keep changing. It is a world dominated by alphas where egos need boosting and collaborations are common. Whether it is a political figure, a film star or a sports person, celebrities have to appear in front of the public with their teams that are ever changing. Celebrities are expected to appearing in public with people they may not like and behaving cordially with them. This is where celebrity media training can prove to be an asset.

Susceptible to controversies: When it comes to certain celebrities there is a term that we hear quite often; “controversy’s favourite child”. The celebrity may not be doing anything to court controversy, and yet manage to make front-page headlines. Such a situation can be incredibly stressful. Unfortunately, celebrities are most susceptible to controversies. A single statement can be taken out of context and blown out of proportion. It is in times like this that celebrities can refer to their executive presentation training skills and address the media in a manner befitting their image. Celebrities can use the stage to clear their stance on controversial subjects.

Making statements: Celebrities are asked to make statements about various things all the time. They cannot approach this with nonchalance or arrogance as it could call for an attack from both, the media and the general public. While most prefer the ‘no comments stance’, celebrities are still expected to be well-versed with everything that matters. If a statement needs to be made, it should be made crisply and precisely and this skill can be imbibed through a media training course.

Media training for celebrities is a course that can prove beneficial to public figures as well as business executives. Top executives, serving as the face of a company need to know how to interact with the media, appear for interviews, and participate in debates and so on. Like celebrities are answerable to their fans, businesses are answerable to their stake holders and customers, which is why it is important that they too sign up for a course like this to learn the tricks of the appearing in public.

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