Why Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitter Is The Only Way To Safety?

Posted by massmeasure on June 13th, 2019

When it comes to safety while dealing with hazardous equipment and area, there is no possibility to overlook any safety measure. NOSHOK pressure transmitters are designed in such a way that they can withhold high pressure and work even at very low power. Besides, these transmitters are being designed with certain standards to ensure that they do not store enough energy that could create a spark when the energy is released. Intrinsically safe pressure transmitters come with a Zener barrier that enables the system to control and limits the power supply to the transmitter.

Compared to the other safety measures, the intrinsically safe systems are often considered as the best method due to being inexpensive and easy implementation. There are a number of companies offering top quality gauges, valves, transmitters, and other industry safety equipment requisite for hazardous location and materials. These safety transmitters are also known as the transducers, which are located in hazardous areas, while the power supply is placed in a safer location. The power is then routed through the Zener barrier and regulated to the pressure transmitter.

Applications of the pressure transmitters

Land Fill Sites

The sites are already covered and filled in becoming the reason for production of regular landfill gas. The microbes action on the waste makes those material to breakdown and constant production of the gas. The increased pressure from the gas needed to be released accordingly to avoid any problems in the landfill sites.

Waste Water Plants

The wastewater enclosed in an area causes the water to produce flammable gas due to being stagnant for a long time. In this case, the location is hazardous and prone to an explosion which needs to be tackled using intrinsically safety system. Besides, the pressure measurement is also used to determine the wastewater level of the site.

Natural Gas Well

It is necessary to install pressure management in the natural gas wells to control the build-up pressure by handling the plunger lift system. The productive flow of gas is then released to the transmission system to avoid further pressure build up.

Petrochemical Refineries

The other application of the pressure transmitters includes the refineries which are considered as the prototypical hazardous location. With the help of the pressure measurement system, it is possible to measure the tank level and flow rates while controlling the process.

So, if you want to avoid even a single possibility of getting your site prone to any kind of damage, then Intrinsically safe pressure transmitters are the only way out.

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