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Posted by markwahlbargg on June 14th, 2019

There are many myths about the laundry among the people so here we Best Laundry Service NYC, going to clear various points.

Whether jeans, bra or towel - a detergent is completely sufficient:

That is not right. One in three is not always satisfied with the washing result. The culprit is probably the wrong detergent. Especially for white blouses, towels and bed linen is a heavy duty detergent, because The bleaching contained brightens the laundry. The remedy is accordingly an absolute no-go for the dark jeans. Use a fine or color detergent for colored laundry. These agents do not bleach, get the color longer and are also gentler on the fibers.

Only environmentally harmful softener softens laundry:

That's wrong. For those who care about the environment, let go of softener. Because: Often these contain environmentally harmful ingredients that can not be broken down naturally and reach the groundwater. But in return, you do not have to settle for scratchy towels. The environmentally friendly alternative is vinegar. The tip of the expert: "Add to the wash about 20 ml in the softener compartment - your laundry is cuddly again. Do not worry, the vinegar will vanish in no time during drying. "

The washing machine cleans itself by itself:

That too is not true. Already in this short time, detergent residues and the constant humidity provide for a true germ biotope. Expert advice by Best Laundry Service NYC: "Do not just wash in the 30-degree program. Organize your laundry so that you wash your towels at 60 degrees at least once a month. Only the hot water in the pipes kills bacteria - instead of breeding them. "

The washing machine makes socks disappear forever:

Contrary to popular conspiracy theories, this can be refuted. In the washing machine still, a happy couple, when drying already single: Where is the second sock just go? The dissolution: She freaks her ungrateful existence in the shallows of your washing machine. Best Laundry Service NYC explains: "Mostly socks hang behind the lint filter or get caught in the rubbers, from where you can release them with one hand. However, it can happen that socks actually find their way to the inside of the machine. Unfortunately, a reunion is impossible. "

Only at the 90-degree program do the bacteria die completely:

That's wrong. Even if your mother has already sworn on the kitchen linen - cooking laundry only makes sense if you want to completely defeat a gastrointestinal virus or other infectious diseases. If, on the other hand, you are healthy and want household germs on the collar, 60 degrees are enough - that's more environmentally friendly and more economical. If you want to be sure, put a cap of disinfecting hygiene rinse in the softening compartment. You can buy these in every drugstore.

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