Advantages of working after High School

Posted by Qais Barat Ali on June 14th, 2019

Have you just finished High School or still in your senior year and are weighing pros and cons of taking a gap year? Are you considering pursuing your hobbies or looking for a job? And are not sure which way you should go? Then worry not! We are here to list down some advantages of working after high school, which will help you decide which path to follow.

Let us be honest and say that high school isn’t for everyone. It is not necessary that your experience of high school was as glamorous as it is made out to be. And before you jump from one full-time education to another, here are some reasons why working after high school might be a better idea

Earn Money!

Now unless you have been offered a full scholarship or your parents have set aside a handsome college fund, attending college can be an expensive business. And even if your education is paid for, you will still need money for clothes, food and other necessities. So it’s better to take a gap year or even two for work and save some money for college. Create a good resume and apply for jobs that you think you can handle easily. If you are unsure of how to create a resume then googling High School Student Resume Examples might be a good start.

Rediscover yourself and gain experience of real life

A full-time education like high school and college can provide you with quite a sheltered environment. And it is most likely that you will end up with the same group of people and friends, people who are most likely the same age as you and come from a similar social background. On the contrary in your work environment, you will encounter people from all sorts of backgrounds with all sorts of hopes and aspirations and you are certain to learn from them, it will help you gain a bit of life experience and also teach you to deal with people from different cultures.

Have more time to think about your future career

Even though most colleges don’t require you to choose a major until the end of your second year, but still most teachers will expect you to have a more defined mind frame of what you plan on doing in the future. Taking a gap year to work will certainly help broaden your horizons as well as help you decide which career paths you would like to pursue and what sort of education you need for that. Creating a good resume will certainly help you a land a good job, if you are uncertain about how to write an impressive resume, asking your high school career advisor for High School Student Resume Examples might also be a good place to start.

While working will make you more independent but if you change your mind then you can always apply for college and pursue a degree of your choice.

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