Tips to Help You Choose the Right Victorian Furniture for Your House

Posted by Art De Vie Furniture on June 14th, 2019

Victorian décor and furniture are one of the most renowned styles of furniture across the world. A lot of people choose this style of furniture to add a hint of style and class to their interior décor. Victorian style furniture and décor originates from the Victorian era and represents the intricate artwork and historic styles from those years. This style of décor and furnishing also has a rich middle eastern and Asian influence.

Choosing Victorian décor and furnishing for your house can be an excellent way to create a vintage style along with a hint of classiness to it. But how do you go about doing that? Here are a few tips that can help you choose the right Victorian furniture for sale for your house –

Focus on couch designs
The most intricate work on Victorian furniture for sale is usually done on the couches. Right from the armrest and legs of the couch to the design on the head of the backrest area, the detailing done on these sections is extremely intricate and beautiful. The edge rolls of the sofa sets also have different texture in the cushion itself.

While you keep an eye out for these things, another thing to notice is the upholstery used in the sofa set and couches. Usually, the upholstery is of high-quality fabric which has intricate floral designs.

Choice of wood
The Victorian era Rococo furniture for sale used the most high-quality wood such as teak wood, Ebony and other such wood materials. You can look for similar wood or even similar texture if you cannot afford expensive teak wood furniture. However, it is important to note that using expensive wood in the furniture makes it way more long lasting than usually regular ply.

Furniture with carving
Apart from the sofa sets and couches that are rich in carving and high-quality upholstery, you also need to choose furniture and décor items that have intricate carving. Photo frames with carving and gold paint, chairs and center tables with carved legs and headrests can be a beautiful touch to your Victorian décor.

There are tons of places these days that sell Victorian era furniture for sale so be sure to check these out and understand the different types of carvings done. This will help you learn more about the décor and how you can place these items in your house.

Upholstery for the house
Choose curtains that have velvet, tassels and heavy brocades so that your house gleams of Victorian-era styles. The Victorian era is known for the expensive curtains, floral upholstery and diamond patterns sewn in with buttons or even faux diamonds. You can choose from royal colors like violet, rust, gold, brown and even bronze for that ultimate touch of royalty to your home!

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